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Many people are surprised when they go to renew their driver’s license and are denied because of a hold placed on it by the Illinois Secretary of State, including drivers who do not live in Illinois when they try to renew their license in their home state. You can have a hold put on your license for different reasons, such as receiving a traffic violation or DUI in Illinois or another state. Mr. Moretti has helped many clients who live in and out of Illinois remove holds on their driver’s license.

How to Clear Your Illinois License Hold

Illinois uses the National Driver’s Database to report traffic violations, DUIs, tickets and other violations. The National Driver’s Database allows all participating states to share information. If Illinois or another state reports violations that can cause you to have your license suspended or revoked, a hold will be placed on your license and you will not be able to renew it, whether you live in Illinois or another state.

To clear your Illinois license, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork, appear in court at a hearing and pay the reinstatement fee. For those who live out-of-state, this can be confusing. Attempting to remove a hold can be a frustrating and futile process if not done properly. Having an experienced attorney on your side, can make the process go much smoother and greatly increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. You deserve someone who will work with you and fight for you in the courtroom to have the hold removed from your license so you can continue on with your life without restrictions to your driving privileges.

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If you have a hold on your driver’s license through Illinois and are having trouble renewing it, contact Moretti Law, P.C. today. Mr. Moretti will work to get the hold taken off your license so you can continue with your everyday activities.

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