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Receiving a speeding ticket may have a negative impact on your driving record, your insurance rates, and perhaps even your life. A conviction for speeding will lead to having points assessed against your driving record, and may even lead to the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.

Mr. Moretti has experience defending clients charged with speeding, aggravated speeding, and other traffic violations. He helps his clients fight the charges and get the most favorable result possible. He has received favorable verdicts, including dismissed charges and plea-bargains without any conviction entering, or with no jail time.

Aggravated Speeding

In Illinois, being charged with driving 26 miles per hour (mph) or more over the posted speed limit is considered a misdemeanor. It is an actual crime. Depending on the rate of speed you were alleged to have been going, will determine if you will be charged with a Class A, or a Class B misdemeanor. If convicted, it will go, and remain on your criminal record for life.

  • If a police officer records you driving between 26 – 34 mph over the posted speed limit, you will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor. A Class B misdemeanor is punishable by up to 6 months in jail, a $1,500 fine or a combination of both.
  • If you are charged with going 35 mph or more over the posted speed limit, it is considered a Class A misdemeanor. A Class A misdemeanor can carry a sentence of up to 12 months in jail, a $2,500 fine or a combination of both.

Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets, even if considered a petty offense, are to be taken seriously. A conviction for speeding can add between five and 50 points on your license, which would ultimately affect your insurance rates. Three convicted traffic violations in 12 months will result in a suspended or revoked license. If you are driving with a Graduated Driver’s License, the consequences can be greater.

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When facing a speeding ticket charge, having an experienced lawyer on your side is what you need. Mr. Moretti has 23 years of experience defending clients in Cook and DuPage County charged with speeding violations. He knows the court proceedings and laws and has earned the respect of court personnel, all of which will be to your benefit.

If you have been charged with aggravated speeding, contact Moretti Law, P.C. at 312-861-1084 today for a complimentary consultation. Moretti Law, P.C. has three offices conveniently located in Chicago, Oak Brook, and Schaumburg.

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