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Facing a misdemeanor, felony or a traffic charge can be a very stressful and frightening experience. Hiring a lawyer will surely make your experience less difficult. But, hiring the right lawyer will make all the difference in the outcome of your case. At Moretti Law P.C., we are committed to stand by your side throughout your case. We are committed to help you protect your rights, your reputation, your future and even your freedom. Whether you are a first offender or you have been through the criminal justice system before, Moretti Law P.C. is prepared to go to work for you.

A criminal charge or traffic violation may affect you in several ways, especially if you are convicted. It might affect your current employment status, or your ability to obtain new employment. It might affect your relationship with family and friends. It might even affect your chances of being accepted into the military, or the school of your choice. At Moretti Law, P.C. we will explain, and help you understand the possible effects of the charges you are facing. We will advise you of all the rights and options afforded to you under the law. We will then take the best course of action to obtain the best possible result.

Areas of Practice

Our core belief is that the client comes first. We are dedicated from the very beginning to protecting your rights. Our aggressive defense approach involves reviewing your case, preparing a customized defense strategy, and helping you understand all the legal factors involved in your case. Moretti Law P.C. has vast experience handling cases including, but not limited to:

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Before making any decision about your case, contact Mr. Moretti at 312-861-1084 for a complimentary consultation to discuss how he can best serve you. Moretti Law, P.C. has offices in Chicago, Oak Brook, and Schaumburg for your convenience.

Chicago Traffic Defense Lawyer

About Mr. Moretti

Mr. Moretti has practiced in Cook, DuPage, Kane, and Will Counties since 2001. He has devoted his practice to seeking justice for his clients in numerous areas of criminal, and traffic law. His clients have ranged from teens to elderly adults who have been charged with traffic violations, theft, DUI, violent crimes, probation violations, and more. He gives all of his clients personalized attention by taking a hands-on approach to each case. He has handled thousands of cases, and has obtained verdicts of not guilty at trial, and has established an excellent dismissal record.

As a result of his skill and experience, he also has managed to negotiate many plea bargains that included reduced sentences or no jail time at all. Mr. Moretti’s fees are always fixed. There is no hourly billing. Also, Mr. Moretti always provides his clients with a written representation agreement, which outlines all the details of legal services that shall be provided.

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Case Results

Rolling Meadows: People v L.V.
Client charged with driving under the influence of drugs. Mr. Moretti filed a petition to rescind statutory summary suspension which was granted, preventing the suspension of his client's driver's license. After a bench trial, the judge found his client not guilty.
Markham: People v. F.S.
Client charged with residential burglary. After an extensive review of all the evidence,and determining that trial was not the client's best option, Mr. Moretti managed to convince the judge to place his client on TASC probation, which allowed his client to vacate the judgment entered, allowing his client to expunge the arrest.


  • If you need an attorney, you call Emilio Moretti.

    Beginning with background on the situation, I would like to verily and heartily compound why Emilio Moretti is absolutely the best attorney that I have been privileged to speak to and have represent a family member. In January said family member had went to a department store to purchase some groceries. Upon shopping for whatever reason, as I will not speculate, she had changed a price tag on a grocery item and upon exiting the store she was detained...

  • Thank You

    I can not say enough good things about Emilio Moretti! I contacted Emilio because my dad got a DUI. Emilio was able to get my dad supervision and was able to get my dads license back! He was great through the whole process, kept constant communication and provided care and compassion. He went above and beyond to help and we are so grateful.

  • Wow!

    Professional, prompt and got my DUI case dismissed. Emilio never fails and I’m grateful I had him to defend my case. I seen him in action prior to hiring him and I took his information just Incase. 3 years later I needed him and he delivered! Def hire Emilio Moretti!

  • Stress Free Traffic Court

    Called Emilio the same day I received a ticket for aggravated speeding, he was super efficient in getting back to me. He then made the entire process super easy and stress-free. Got my Class B Misdemeanor knocked down to a simple speeding ticket. Will definitely be recommending his services to my friends and family!

  • Domestic Battery Charges Dropped

    Hands down best attorney. I had false allegations; 2 counts against me. It was not favorable on my side but, he was able to get both charges dropped. I had used Emilio years ago for a severe speeding ticket that almost cost me my CDL, he fought hard for me for that as well and all charges were dropped. He is the only attorney I will contact but hopefully I won’t need to.

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