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    If you need an attorney, you call Emilio Moretti.

    Beginning with background on the situation, I would like to verily and heartily compound why Emilio Moretti is absolutely the best attorney that I have been privileged to speak to and have represent a family member. In January said family member had went to a department store to purchase some groceries. Upon shopping for whatever reason, as I will not speculate, she had changed a price tag on a grocery item and upon exiting the store she was detained by Loss Prevention. She was able to make a phone call to myself from where she was being detained and I rushed into the store to ascertain the facts of the situation. As the Loss Prevention were not giving me a straight story and were acting belligerent, I waited for police to arrive as I knew the eventual outcome. A Police Officer came in and explained handily what would happen and even suggested that needing an attorney would be unlikely as my family member was a first time offender. Reassured, I picked said family member up from a local district police station after she was transferred. Brought her home the same night and immediately browsed around for an attorney to represent her for Misdemeanor Retail Theft. After reviewing a selection of lawyers on AVVO, I decided to give Emilio Moretti a call. He was immediately responsive. I provided the facts of the situation as well as asked questions about the essentials; what would happen, costs, likely outcome and the like. My family member and I both were astonished and pleasantly surprised by his demeanor, professional attitude and reassurance. Once spoken to, one can enumerate a sense of comfort and reassurance resonating from Emilio Moretti. A wave of confidence, sternly but soft spoken and a sense of duty and acknowledgement was omnipresent. Both family member and myself were immediately pleased and were able to sleep soundly the same night. We were even astonished at the cost being so low, we thought we'd lose at least a couple thousands of dollars, and it would absolutely be worth it for this quality of representation. Emilio Moretti told us the procedure, and the outcome with such confidence that even without a precedent reputation we would have instantly hired him. The process was seamless, we scanned and took pictures of documents provided by Chicago Police, he reviewed them and told my family member and myself what to expect. He even provided sound advice on ignoring a legal threat letter from the department store's representation that bordered on extortion, and wasn't at all bothered by constant contact regarding questions with the entire situation, he was very patient. Proceeding to the assigned date to appear, my family member was overwhelmed with anxiety and despite all attempts at calming reassurance, it wasn't until Emilio Moretti, being extremely punctual, had walked in that she felt secure. We were waiting in the reception of the courtroom longer than we were in court. As Mr. Moretti walked in, he knew absolutely everybody there and even garnered a smile from all parties. Even as department store representatives appeared he reassured both of us and we were in court for approximately 20 minutes. I will repeat that; 20 Minutes! Amazing. We left with even a smile and nod from the judge and a requirement to attend two 1-hour behavioral health assessments. It was absolutely outstanding, and begs the rhetorical question; "How is this man so good at what he does?" and sometimes, some questions are best left unanswered when all that matters is the results, and you absolutely will be provided with favorable results from Emilio Moretti. We are so pleased with the result of this debacle and exuberant about how painless it was. This man easily earned permanent residency of his contact information in our phones. If you need an attorney, you call Emilio Moretti. It's that simple. Thank you again Mr Moretti.

  • Great Job!!!

    I’ve had a 35+ speeding , Emilio did a great job changed to a non moving violation. Great job!!!

  • Beat My Dui Like Rocky

    Great lawyer, and defends you like he’s defending himself he gets the job done ✅ n he don’t make promise’s but instead he make it happen beat it like rocky!!

  • Class B Misdemeanor For Aggravated Speeding 25-35 Mph

    I got my first aggravated speeding ticket for 25-35 mph over the speed limit. Cop was a total jerk who said I could have been arrested and might have to serve jail time and pay $1500 in fines. I looked for a few lawyers and contacted Mr. Moretti as one of my first calls based off his stellar reviews. I was in between a huge move and had several life stresses going on - but Mr. Moretti calmed me down, said he would take care of everything and I had nothing to worry about. He also mentioned that I would not have to show up in court since I was moving during that window of time. He delivered. He got the charges down to a petty offense that would not even impact my record and all I have is court supervision. Amazing job! Would definitely recommend Mr. Moretti to anyone who is in a similar position.

  • Thank You

    I can not say enough good things about Emilio Moretti! I contacted Emilio because my dad got a DUI. Emilio was able to get my dad supervision and was able to get my dads license back! He was great through the whole process, kept constant communication and provided care and compassion. He went above and beyond to help and we are so grateful.

  • Wow!

    Professional, prompt and got my DUI case dismissed. Emilio never fails and I’m grateful I had him to defend my case. I seen him in action prior to hiring him and I took his information just Incase. 3 years later I needed him and he delivered! Def hire Emilio Moretti!

  • Wonderful Lawyer! Honest And Caring Human Being!

    I was horrified when I was facing charges that could have resulted in me losing my license and/or worse. I was lucky to find Mr. Moretti and am thankful that I took a chance and hired him. It was the best decision I could have made under the circumstances. He was caring, honest, and present from the beginning of my case. His fees were more than fair and he always returned my calls, texts, etc...promptly. He talked me through my case and was always honest about the situation. In the end, the charges were reduced and the court appearance was what I expected thanks to his preparation. I am so very thankful for his expertise and kind and gentle demeanor. I would recommend him to anyone requiring legal representation. Thank you for everything, Mr. Moretti.

  • Never Been More Pleased

    We had an amazing experience with the attorney Emilio Moretti. He was thorough and precise. We are extremely grateful for all he did regarding our case. He is definately an attorney you want on your side.

  • Stress Free Traffic Court

    Called Emilio the same day I received a ticket for aggravated speeding, he was super efficient in getting back to me. He then made the entire process super easy and stress-free. Got my Class B Misdemeanor knocked down to a simple speeding ticket. Will definitely be recommending his services to my friends and family!

  • Very Professional, Exceeded Expectations, Great Results

    I highly recommend Mr. Moretti’s services. Always very professional and explained everything throughout the process in great detail. The results were great in the end. Definitely will recommend to any friends or family. Thank you Mr. Moretti!

  • Domestic Battery Charges Dropped

    Hands down best attorney. I had false allegations; 2 counts against me. It was not favorable on my side but, he was able to get both charges dropped. I had used Emilio years ago for a severe speeding ticket that almost cost me my CDL, he fought hard for me for that as well and all charges were dropped. He is the only attorney I will contact but hopefully I won’t need to.

  • Phenomenal Attorney Resolved Serious Misdemeanor Case

    The best thing I ever did when I found myself in trouble was reach out to Emilio Moretti to be my defense attorney. The charge was a serious battery misdemeanor which could easily have gone in a disastrous direction. Emilio stepped in right away, and step by step, brought it to an amazing resolution. Long story short: it was resolved, off my record, no jail time, and a very fair outcome. I cannot thank him enough. I highly recommend him.

  • Thank You

    Mr. Moretti has been above exceptional with his services. He has been so understanding and explained what he was going to do from start to finish. I undoubtedly trust Mr. Moretti due to him being compliant and put me at ease with this case. Being a nursing student, a DUI was the last thing I needed. But Mr Moretti was being reassuring and put my nerves at ease. I appreciate all you’ve done, thank you again.

  • Great Lawyer Who Gets Results

    He's a very confident and smart lawyer. I talked to at least 8 lawyers for a 77 in a 35(which is a misdemeanor A). Some straight up said getting it down to a petty isn't possible, most said they could get it down w/ some extra work on my part(traffic school + community service). He told me to not be nervous & he'll get it down to a regular speeding ticket w/ supervision so insurance and my record stays clean. He got exactly that, w/ the cheapest ticket & no extra work! (PS I have a very clean driving record, so keep that in mind) Unfortunately I was cuffed as well & Mr. Moretti was the only one who had an idea about getting that expunged quickly. It was a long shot and hard to get. But the fact the he was the only to come up w/ a possible solution and try it, says a lot! Hopefully don't need him in the future, but if I do I'm definitely using him or recommending him to friends!

  • Excellent Lawyer

    Mr Moretti was excellent with his representation. He was timely and efficient. He achieved my goal of reducing my major offense to a small petty offense. I felt I was in the right hands and had no worries at all.

  • Class A Cdl Charge Dui, Civil Case Won And Criminal Charge Amended Down

    I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did as my attorney. I know you have a lot of clients, so your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to me.

  • Wow. I Really Impressive For His Service

    Wow. I really impressive for his service. I even do not need to go to court. The service fee is very reasonable too. I highly recommend. Mr. Moretti. Thank you!!

  • Emilio Is The Traffic Attorney You Want. I Was Charged With Class A Misdemeanor, Aggravated Speeding

    I was so fortunate to have found Emilio. I was charged with 35 mph over. He had the charge brought down to a petty offense and a small fine plus court cost. That was it, no points or service nor high penalties. I am also primarily an out of state resident. Emilio made it stress free, as things progressed I grew more and more confident. What a great professional and someone to have on your side. His service is indispensable, I highly recommend him being on your side! Thank you Emilio

  • Best Attorney In Chicago

    Attorney Moretti is the best at what he does! If you want the job done right and perfectly Moretti is the go to guy! He will have your record wiped clean and take care of any misdemeanor charge easily! Saved thousands from Attorney Moretti!

  • Great Win

    I was stopped by a bogus officer for a DUI and Mr. Moretti got right on top of it. All charges were dismissed and I was able to keep my license!!! If you need a lawyer he’s your man !!! Great win !!!

  • Great Lawyer

    I had a great experience with mr moretti . He was able to reduce my DUI charge to reckless driving on my record ! He was extremely reliable and always had everything ready in a timely fashion. Exceeded my expectations and would recommend to all my friends and family. Extremely grateful for his hard work .

  • Best Outcome

    Mr. Moretti really eased my anxiety the first time we talked on the phone. I was facing a class B misdemeanor, and was very worried. Mr. Moretti told me to sit back and do his job and not to be anxious. Mr. Moretti followed through with a great result, and I did not even have to go to court! I would highly recommend Mr. Moretti to anyone.

  • Fantastic Dui Outcome

    Emilio is a great attorney that will get you a favorable outcome. I had been working with him since January of 2021 for a first time DUI charge and he had walked me through everything leading up to my sentencing date in June of 2021. I ended up getting court supervision for having almost 3x the legal limit of BAC, along with an accident (with no other parties involved luckily). I highly recommend Emilio and cannot say enough great things about him. I also had petty traffic ticket for tailgaiting, which he went to court on my behalf and got it thrown out as well. If you are in the Chicago land area, look no further.

  • Best In Us

    Attorney Moretti Saved my behind soo many times! GOD BLESS HIM! I had some speeding tickets that were pretty serious about 8 times now and everything off my record! I would recommend him over every other criminal defense attorney. He makes it super simple and easy to deal with and has empathy towards his clients. Definitely god sent and the best lawyer in the states!

  • Speeding Ticket 35+

    Emilio is the best I’ve ever seen, he’s on time, very professional, responds quickly and is very knowledgeable. I will be using him from here on going.

  • Grateful To Have Found Such Amazing Help!

    I found Emilio Moretti through some research and decided to contact him and hire him because of reviews like this one. This was my first time ever dealing with any legal proceedings that had to involve a lawyer. Emilio made me feel as comfortable as I could feel and confident that he would do his absolute best to help bring the best results. The results of my case were a reflection of his hard work and dedication to his clients. All positive! He kept me informed at all times and was honest with me at all times. He extended all his help and resources and was always timely with communication. I could not have asked for a better lawyer in the midst of an unstable and fearful situation. If you are looking for a lawyer to be diligent, honest, trustworthy, and bring positive results Emilio Moretti is your guy! I could not recommend him more.

  • Best Lawyer Ever

    Emilio moretti is the best lawyer ever i recommend he will take care of you from start to end he got my case this miss if could give him 1000 star i would

  • Verry Good Lawyer

    Last month I had a “aggravated speeding” ticket , he helped me out big times going through this and the ending results was exactly what I hoped for !! One of the best lawyers in Illinois!!!!

  • First Offense

    Mr. Moretti was beyond terrific in helping me with my case. He never once gave me doubt and literally got me what he believed he could. I couldn't be any happier with my outcome and will recommend him to anyone I know who could use a fantastic lawyer.

  • Great Service!

    My friend recommended Emilio, he did superb job, cleared my ticket to small non-moving violation. More than satisfied, definitely would recommended to everyone with traffic tickets!

  • Dui Lawyer

    After hiring him I went to court three different times and had everything out with my license back and just supervision instead of probation. I couldn't be happier with his service and outcome of the Court anytime I needed to talk to him I could text and he'd respond or call and he'd pick up if anybody's looking for a lawyer this is the guy I'd go with. Professional and responsible always there.

  • Dui

    I got a DUI in October of 2020. Emilio was one of the first lawyers I called. After our conversation I just new I had to go with him. I am so glad that I did. I just closed my case TODAY. I walk out the building today with my license in my hand and a weight lifted up off my shoulders. Thank you so much.

  • Amazing! Lifesaver!

    I came to Mr. Moretti with a DUI and he was very quick to help me. He was very professional and explained to me thoroughly on what to expect heading into court. I told him I wanted two things from him, to be able to keep my license and to keep the DUI off my record. The Court had hard evidence on me. They had breathalyzer proof and open container proof. But Mr. Moretti delivered on his promise and was able to help me KEEP my license and get the DUI off my record. This man is a true lifesaver! Great, amazing lawyer, and highly recommend to ANYONE facing DUI charges. I promise, you will not be disappointed with Mr. Moretti by your side!

  • Fantastic Work

    Mr. Moretti was kind enough to take on my case that was out of his location. I had a tough case but I am very happy with the outcome. He took very good care of me and I highly recommend him if you need an attorney.

  • Amazing.....

    We have worked with Attorney E. Moretti , and, his office several times over the past years. There is no other way to describe Attorney Emilio compassion, care, concern, patient, and willingness to Fight for you through case resolution. His professional knowledge of the law and other critical area(s) including CDL defenses is simply amazing. There is No other Attorney I would trust my situation with other than Attorney Emilio Moretti. Sure there are many other fine Attorneys respectively. Yet when I call this Attorney, He responds promptly and proactively. I have retained Attorney Emilio services in Cook, Dupage, and Lake counties. He has no boundaries. I often think of his calming demeanor, and strong desire to safeguard my livelihood despite the cause. He refused to accept any other resolution that did not safeguard my ability to both maintain livelihood and safeguard my Wife and family through a most difficult time. He deserves the accolades that accompanies. This is extremely exceptional service. Gold Star ⭐️. Thank you Attorney Emilio Moretti. Best regards, Timothy K. Schaumburg.

  • Owner

    Emilio has presented our drivers with numerous traffic cases and has done a fantastic job. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but him. Very grateful we have someone like Emilio by our side.

  • Trust The Process

    Words can’t even begin to describe how incredible Emilio is! I was a bit skeptical at first, given that I’ve had only one lawyer my entire life through out all my troubles I found myself in, but I knew it was time to to try someone different for my old lawyer had pulled out too way many white rabbits out of his black hat lol. That aside from first contact Emilio was on top of everything. He made the process so smooth and communicated with me better than I’m old lawyer. His customer service is next level and his skills in the court room are magic itself. It took us some time to get what we were going after but at the end of it all he brought me from facing a class A conviction, to just three months of supervision on 35 mph over, speeding ticket. I not only recommend him to whoever reads this, but to everyone in need of a lawyer who takes his time, knows a lot of people in the court room, and most importantly helps you get what YOU want! Thank you Emilio once again! You the man

  • Best Possible Outcome In An Unfortunate Situation

    I hired Emilio Moretti to represent me on a misdemeanor school zone violation. Emilio was on top of my case the entire time and kept me updated whenever there was a new item to discuss. I am new to the entire ticket / court system and Emilio walked me through the process step by step and answered every question I had. Despite receiving a ticket during a pandemic, and facing all the challenges that come with that, Emilio was able to get the entire case dismissed. This is the best possible outcome for me and I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to do it.

  • Exceptional Responsive Representation

    I hired Emilio for representation of a misdemeanor speeding ticket. He immediately put me at ease over the phone and at no point did I feel scared or nervous about what's to come. He was very responsive answering questions via email or text within minutes and always followed up after each court date. Best part was I did not need to attend the hearings and had a very positive outcome. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

  • Best Lawyer

    The best service I ever had, very polite fair price and he dismissed all the charges Highly recommended

  • Dui

    He did an amazing job. Second time dealing with something major and he did the best he could to talk me through everything. Very happy with the outcome.

  • Highly Recommend

    I was very pleased with what Emilio was able to do with my case and how he handled it. Thoughout our interactions, he would ensure that I was in good hands and he prooved that to me with the results of my case. He managed to get my suspension rescinded and get me court supervison on my charge. Hi highly recommend Emilio. He will get it done!

  • He Did A Great Job!

    I definitely recommend him if you have any speeding/moving violation. I’m very thankful for his help.

  • Outcome

    When my 17 year old son got a serious speeding ticket, he and I were extremely worried that he could lose his driving privileges and didn’t know where to turn. An attorney friend recommended Mr. Moretti who immediately took my call, reassured us, and guided us to a successful outcome. Mr. Moretti delivered more than we hoped for - not only was my son able to maintain his driving privileges but the original ticket was even reduced to a lesser offense. But what I appreciated most about Mr. Moretti’s service was that he was always available, immediately responded to texts, gave additional great advice, and was patient dealing with the anxiety of a worried father. There were extenuating circumstances that contributed to my son’s traffic offense, and Mr. Moretti took them seriously and was able to convey them to the court.

  • Dui

    After a long battle with the state for a DUI , Mr Moretti fought to the very end. He manage to drop my charges ( illegal transport of alcohol, no insurance, DUI, and Traffic violation) to a reckless driving. I am grateful to have had him on side in court and highly recommend him.

  • Maryam Z

    I highly recommend Mr. Emillio Morettie services. He represented me in a highly professional manner regarding a traffic case with potentially serious consequences, and he was able to persuade the Court to reduce the charges to a non-moving violation with a nominal fine and court costs. I did not have to appear in Court. He was prompt in responding to my call for assistance, was open minded and non-judgmental! With my case in his hands I know I don't have to worry a bit! He's very professional, and I haven't come across any lawer as knowledgeable, committed and sinscere as Mr. Emilio. I don't think even words can discribe how amazing he is!!!! I would recommend him to the world if I could!

  • Cdl Driver

    Let me first start off by saying I have used Mr. Meretti many Times because hes a fantastic Lawyer!! Just this last time he got my DUI dismissed!! Whitch wasn't an easy thing by any means Considering I have a Class A cdl... I highly recommend him to any other CDL drivers Out there who are in trouble and need A GOOD Lawyer!!! Thanks again Mr Meretti!!

  • Cdl Tickets (5pcs.)

    I just want to say, that Emillio Moretti is the best lawyer. His does a professional job and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

  • Very Professional Lwayer

    My wife had a traffic ticket. Mister Moretti solved the issue very good. We are happy to have him as our lawyer

  • Great Lawyer

    Emilio Moretti is excellent . A friend actually recommended me to him and I couldn’t be happier with his work . Made is super easy . He helped me with my case during COVID . And made the process super easy stress free and always was very updating with info .

  • Best Decision Made

    Two years ago, I made the mistake that could have been detrimental to my lively hood. I searched lawyers all weekend and on Monday I decided to contact Mr. Moretti. I explained my case to Mr. Moretti. Mr. Moretti outlined the steps he would take to represent me if I hired him After the conversation I decided to hire Mr. Moretti as my lawyer and setup a face to face meeting to go over the specifics of my case. During the days leading up to my meeting with Mr. Moretti. I would spend hours searching the Internet for possible outcomes for my particular case. Needless to say I was a wreck by the time I reached my appointment with Mr. Morretti. The first thing he told me was to stay off of Google and let him do his job. That piece of advice in itself save me so much stress. After the meeting I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Mr. Moretti knows the law and has a great personality. He achieved the best outcome for me. I left court without a conviction on my record. Mr. Moretti is a clear definition of "Professional". All phone calls and emails are returned in a timely manner. He let's you know what is expected of you. Follow his advice and you will be in good shape. I have recommended Mr. Moretti to friends and family. That in itself should say a lot about my experience.

  • Great Lawyer

    I found Mr Moretti over the internet and since he had perfect reviews I hired him to represent me in an accident case. He provided sound legal advice and was readily accessible. In the end, he was able to deliver the best outcome for my case and I would definitely hire him again.

  • Cdl Class A Issue

    Mr. Moretti is very professional. I have CDL class A, and I have been involved in accident. My case was dismissed. He know what he’s doing and I would highly recommend him.

  • Outstanding Service!

    Emilio helped me with my speeding ticket and he did a great job. The whole process took more time than usual, but it’s only because of coronavirus, i didn’t even have to show to the court, Emilio managed to close the case without my appearance. Definitely will recommend.

  • Name Is Erick

    I been knowing Emilio for the past 10 years + his been helping me with many of my court cases and just want to say that every time I go to court I feel safe .. Safe in the way that I know he does such a great job and it’s always a walk-in and out . I have recommended Emilio to many of my friends and family members and till now every time my friends or family members need a lawyer they know who to contact of course Emilio . He can help so much and if you really looking for someone you can trust and want to feel safe when you show up to a court I recommend to contact Emilio so he can help you a loyal and honest guy that has become a really good friend to me ... it’s his job to help you with any court cases and I wanna say thank you Emilio for everything you have done ... 10 years suspended and he got my license back 3 to 4 traffic cases every year for the past 10 years and never been to jail once thanks to him, getting my license suspended again and it only takes a phone call to say help me with my license and he gets the job done how? I don’t know but he gets it done criminal cases to be close to go to jail but Emilio shows to my courts I feel so comfortable that I know he would not let me down and would try his best to safe me from jail.. i hope you all have a great day and don’t hesitate to contact him if you really need someone honest humble friendly and hard working man to help you find a solution of your case ...

  • Best Lawyer Money Can Buy

    Emilio was recommended by a friend. I consulted with Emilio and immediately hired him because he gave me a guarantee that he will fight for my case until the verdict goes in my favor. Sure enough all of my charges were dropped and I am extremely satisfied!

  • Great Lawyer

    Mr. Moretti has always been very helpful and never failed me. Always does his best to get the job done in the best possible way for my benefit!

  • Amazing And Outstanding!

    In January of this year there was an incident that occurred with my Mother at a local department store, she had been detained by loss prevention for allegedly switching a price tag on a grocery item. Stunned by this fact and after returning her home from a Police Station, where she was charged with Class A Misdemeanor – Retail Theft, I knew that she needed an attorney. At her [my Mother’s] request and her giving myself full executive control over the matter, I decided to search for an attorney on her behalf and had arrived at Avvo to continue my search. After a brief search, I had come across a listing for Emilio Moretti and after reading many reviews, decided that he was absolutely the most qualified to handle my Mother’s case. After getting his contact information from Avvo, I decided to hire him on her behalf. I called Mr. Moretti the very next morning and had made contact near immediately. After giving him the details of the situation, he assured myself and my mother that everything would be perfectly okay and that he would take care of this. Normally one does not take another at their word so easily, but Mr. Moretti expressed a certain gravitas and eloquence to how he spoke, almost as if he was a philosopher. The way he explained the procedures to follow, all of the reasons to not worry and why what had happened was simply a natural matter of human nature, we then knew my mom was in excellent hands. True to his words, everything worked out with minimal impact and my Mother was let off with going to 2 hours of counseling. This was the best outcome one could ever imagine for such a scenario and suffice to say, all parties were please. The situation through court, although delayed by COVID-19 related shutdowns, had really went very smoothly. There is more to an attorney that just relieving charges, he also alleviated the anxiety associated with the situation, comforted and not to mention had a very reasonable price for someone with such precedence. I cannot recommend this man enough if you are in need of an absolutely excellent attorney, even in the courtroom he commands respect from all those present!

  • Highly Recommend

    I was driving without a license, no insurance while speeding as well. Emilio had all my tickets thrown out and had my case dismissed. He made it very easy to work with him. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to hire a great attorney.

  • Definitely Recommend

    Hey guys just want to take a minute to introduce the best lower in Chicago land that i know of.Emillio is been helping my family and all my friend for a long time. Honest and very professional,will never lay you down.Recommend 100%.This guy does miracles when it comes to moving violations.Thank you Emillio for beeing on my side all the time

  • Highly Recommend.

    Great price, speedy resolution for the issue I was facing. I highly recommend.

  • Absolutely Amazing

    I came to Emilio after getting a DUI and he was quick to help me. Emilio navigated me through the process that can be tricky and unsettling to someone who has never been through the legal system. I was facing a year long suspension of my license and being charged with a DUI. Thanks to Emilio help I received my license back with no suspension, received supervision with no DUI on my record and minimal fines. This was the scariest moment of my life and Emilio did what he said he would do. He puts you at ease and fights for you. I could not believe he was able to come through how he did but he was true to his word. This situation could have been a lot worse but he did what I thought was impossible. I made the right decision going with Emilio and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing such a predicament.

  • Cdl Case.

    CDL case. Had open container of alcohol, speeding over 25 the limit, and expired insurance card. Got it reduced to 150 dollar fine and 3 days of community service. My job depended on this case. Highly recommend this attorney.

  • 2nd Dui Case

    Mr. Moretti did what I thought was impossible for me. I was facing a second dui charge and the had me dead to rights. Mr moretti by some miracle was able to reduce my sentence to a reckless and I was able to keep my license which I need for work. I honestly cannot thank him enough! Mr Moretti was great to work with was quick with responses and put me at ease through the whole process. I would highly recommend him.

  • Truck Driver

    Emilio was prompt with answering my questions. Took my case immediately upon payment. He postponed a court date for me because i was unable to attend court, At no extra cost. And he was on time for my court trial on the day we took my case before the judge. He got my case dismissed and thrown out of court. Which was exactly what i had hired him to do. I was Very Satisfied with his service. N i now keep his business card in my wallet. And refer him to my friends when they need a GOOD Lawyer!

  • Great Attorney!

    Emilio Moretti was prosessional, pleasant and clear in explaining the process and representing me in court. It felt that he was really there to help in getting the best possible outcome. It exceeded my expectation as the case was dismissed! Thank you Emilio for a great service!!

  • Amazing

    Emilio was nothing short of Amazing. I hired him through the recommendation of a friend and let me say I'm so glad I did. I was being charged with multiple traffic violations including a felony and Emilio got me out of them on the first court date. The Judge found no probable cause after Emilio interrogated the police officer who pulled me over and literally left the police officer speechless. Emilio is amazing at what he does I will definitely recommend him in a heart beat.

  • 2 For 2!!!!

    Emilio is a go-getter and makes sure he executes his knowledge and professionalism through and through!! He has gotten me out of two severe traffic violations and brought them down to minor violations!!! I highly recommend Emilio Moretti as your next lawyer!!!

  • Greatest Lower

    Hey I had 5 tickets and thank god my lower got me out of all these tickets and specially I had a reckless and speeding ticket. It’s all to my greatest lower. Thank you so much. Case was dismissed.

  • Amazing Lawyer. Highly Recommend!

    I chose Mr. Moretti to represent me due to his reputation. A friend of mine referred me to him and I have nothing but great things to say. I had a fleeing and eluding charge and he got it dismissed entirely! Amazing laywer and I will choose him again if I ever have any traffic related issues.

  • Excellent Lawyer - Best Representation

    I was pulled over for going 70mph in a 30mph zone and blew .09 BAC, and was facing with couple of misdemeanor charges. Emilio was able to use his excellent negotiating skills and get my charges amended to just reckless driving with fines and 1 year supervision. I believe based on my circumstances this was the best outcome I could achieve and Emilio made it possible. I would definitely recommend Emilio Moretti to anyone seeking representation for traffic violations.

  • Fantabulous As Attorney And Human Being

    Well, we had been an unfortunate incident and were looking for an attorney to pull us from that. When no one was entertaining due to our acceptance of guilt, Mr moretti not only accepted but was able to pull us from that situation and got the case dismissed. We had already committed our guilt and were mentally prepared to plead guilty but then after consultation with him we knew who we need to hire for our case and he exceeded the expectations by all means. He got the case dismissed so it wouldnt effect our future status as well. In all Mr Moretti know his job better than anyone else. All you need is to trust on him. Thank you Mr Moretti.

  • The Best Dui Attorney In Chicago For Real.

    Attorney Emilio Moretti rocks, took my dui case and after going to court 5 times he was able to get it dismissed,...today has been one of the best days ever for me, I'm finally able to get my license back and move on with my life, Thank you for your hard work and dedication Emilio,

  • Great Lawyer!

    Emilio is an amazing lawyer. Clear and caring with anything he does with your case . He really shows that he is there to help you get the best outcome there is and will do anything he can to get it done. He’s a real straight shooter at what he does! I couldn’t of asked for anyone better to represent me! Thanks again Emilio for the great work!

  • Dui

    Recently, I had been pulled over in Wheaton IL for a DUI. I blew a .18 which is two times over the limit. Being a medical professional I was terrified, I was anxious, I felt like my life was over; and these are all understatements. My license was automatically suspended for 6 months 45 after the incident. I qualified for the breathalyzer machine prior to driving my car everytime I drove, I however chose not to as I wasn’t ready to explain to my children my mistake. Being a student, mother & employee that was a battle in itself. I immediately began searching lawyers endlessly. I came across Mr. Moretti at 4am & felt some type of security relief based on his reviews. I called him at 5 am & he answered. There was security & peace speaking with him, he answered all my questions & encouraged me to ask anything I needed to before I even agreed to work with him. He worked around my schedule when we initially met. One thing he reminded me of is that I was human, and that I made a mistake. Communication throughout the process was amazing. He represented me well, he called just to check on my well-being. At the final court date, I qas never convicted, he was able to drop 2 of 3 charges, most importantly I never lost my license. Granted, I have to attend roughly 23 hours of interventional classes & 100 community service hours, but that comes with the mistake I made & I will complete them humbly. I’m not sure if I could’ve had a better experience with Mr. Moretti, he made this as smooth as possible for me, he got me through it & I thank him endlessly.

  • Phenomenal Attorney

    My cousin referred me to Emilio back in August of 2018 after I was arrested and charged with a DUI. I was extremely upset, scared and uncertain as to what the future was going to hold. From day one, Emilio stood by my side. He explained absolutely everything to me in a way I understood. He was empathetic, patient and extremely knowledgeable. He was always available to answer my random questions and he worked tirelessly to ensure the best outcome for me. Emilio Moretti is a phenomenal attorney and a wonderful man!

  • False Identification

    From the beginning Emilio provided outstanding service. He was very clear to me about what I could expect going into the case, all the charges were dismissed after a fee and a couple hours of community service. I highly recommend!

  • My Review

    I hired Mr. Moretti for a case in which I was being charged with aggravated assault and unlawful use of a weapon. After three court appearances, all charges were dropped and the case was closed. I would most definitely hire Mr. Moretti again and recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney.

  • Emilio Rocks!

    I’m a commercial truck driver who used to drive through Chicago once a week. During one of these trips I was falsely accused of a hit and run by a scam artist. My wife called the courthouse for info and she was advised to hire an attorney by the clerk, because my commercial license was at stake. I looked online for attorneys in the area and found Emilio and new he was the guy to entrust with my livelyhood during my initial call. I live in California and every time I called he didn’t hesitate to talk with me. I ended up having to fly to Chicago twice to get this resolved, but when we actually got to trial, Emilio exposed the plaintiff for the scam artist he was. He systematically took the plaintiff’s story apart and in the end the judge dismissed the charges against me. In the end it was obvious the guy didn’t know what hit him. Emilio was worth every penny of the flat rate that I paid him. Everything that needed to be done was handled by him. I highly recommend Emilio. And once again he’s a Rock Star!

  • Amazing !

    Emilio Moretti offers the absolute best service. He made me feel so confident in my case and I would totally recommend him to anyone. He really does give his 100% to his clients and that’s just the type of person you want representing you.

  • Amazing Lawyer

    Amazing is an understatement. My battery case made me so nervous since it was my first arrest and I was worried about my record and the outcome. He showed up, put us at ease, conquered! He gave us step by step scenarios of how things could go, he made us feel very comfortable (my friend and I hired him). Everything about his demeanor, positive attitude, honest & realistic conversations/advice. He was always punctual as well. He Even checked up on us 6 months later. OUR CASE WAS DISMISSED and I was so please. I would recommend him to anyone who is dealing with criminal charges!

  • Speeding 130 Mph In A 70 Mph Zone

    I hired Emilio to represent me on a ticket I received for going 130 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-90, which is a Class A misdemeanor. Given the excessive speed I was traveling; I knew I needed to consult a good attorney. After spending some time researching, I came across Emilio and from reading all of the previous positive reviews he received, I decided to schedule a consultation. Emilio was extremely professional and during my initial consultation explained the severity of the situation and walked me through my options. Moreover, he was always there to promptly answer my texts whenever I had a question throughout the process. On my court date, Emilio was able to leverage his prior relationship with the prosecutor to amend my ticket down to a petty offense, with 60 hours of community service and a class. I am extremely grateful for Emilio’s service and definitely recommend hiring him!

  • I'm So Thankful To Have Met Emilio

    I was pulled over couple weeks before my wedding and it almost ruined everything. Emilio literally saved my reputation within my family. I received 5 total tickets, 1 of which was a DUI the other was speeding over 120 MPH with video evidence. I blew under .08 and complied with the officer during sobriety testing, but was arrested and placed in a very bad situation. Emilio was the helping hand I desperately needed. He was by my side for months until we got to trial, and at the trial he was amazing! The state attorneys were trying to convict me guilty of the DUI but with Emilio's STRONG defense, the judge rested the case at NOT GUILTY for the DUI! The speeding I was given 1 year supervision a fine and a class and a lesson learned. Emilio, I can't thank you enough. If you need a lawyer pick up the phone and call Emilio!

  • Best For Traffic Violations.

    I recently hired Emilio Moretti to represent me on a speeding ticket that I received. I was 29 over the speed limit. (Over 25mph is a class B misdemeanor). I contacted Emilio based on his reviews online, he was very clear, explained everything in detail and got the job done. He got my ticket reduced to a petty offense with community service. Once I completed the Community Service, he got the ticket dismissed completely, so that it wont effect my DL. He is the best for traffic violations.

  • Criminal Case

    I first want to start out by saying that Emilio Moretti is the way to go. He not only provided amazing communication, but he also gave me exactly what I wanted. He was very confident in his abilities but was always realistic and honest about the potential outcomes. Emilio Moretti was always very quick to adapt to new factors that arose in the issue. The amount of courtroom respect this man has is unbelievable. I knew I was in great hands when I chose Emilio Moretti to represent me. I was charged with 3 charges, one of them being an assault and one being a domestic battery. As a second year pharmacy student, I was afraid that my future career as a pharmacist would no longer be applicable due to the extent of my domestic battery criminal case. Even though there was video footage of the domestic battery incident, Emilio Moretti was still able to dismiss these charges with anger management classes in return! I will forever be grateful that this man gave me back my life and I can now continue my education without doubts of a criminal conviction.

  • Hire And You'll Have No Regrets

    I hired Mr. Moretti when I was pulled over on the tollway for going 80 and received a ticket for aggravated speeding which is a Class A misdemeanour. Worried about my job and the stain now on my clean record i searched for a few days to find the best attorneys in chicago to take the case. I found this site and saw all the previous reviews and decided to call Mr. Moretti. He was very professional, confident, and told you what to expect and what he would do. Based on our communication and shopping around and speaking to others I decided to hire him. He did exactly what he said he would do and got my ticket knocked down to a petty offense with a 4 hour driver safety course online, 0 points and no fine. That is worth every penny and more. You will not be disappointed. Have faith in him. Hire him and let him take care of the rest.

  • Professional, Thorough And Effective!

    I recently hired Emilio to represent me on a ticket I received for speeding over 35mph (a class A misdemeanor). I reached out to Emilio based on his reviews - he is knowledgeable and personable, and explained my options and likely outcomes. I was able to appear in court with the confidence in knowing I had great representation. He successfully negotiated my charge being reduced to a simple traffic ticket with a small fine and 6 months supervision. Emilio is extremely humble and pleasant to work with - I couldn't have ask for a better attorney!

  • Speeding Over 35mph On An International License

    I was caught speeding over 35mph and since I’m an international student here, I didn’t have any in-state license. All I had was an international driving license issued by Indian driving department. Since I was driving on an international license I was given 2 tickets: 1) Speeding over 35mph( Which is a class A misdemeanor). 2) No valid drivers license. ( which is also a misdemeanor) Cops don’t accept that! Emilio handled my situation professionally and with the best possible results, I was given 40 hours of community service. By the mean while he took care of my immigration and gave me a best possible deal since I’m a student. I will definitely recommend him to my family. If you need a lawyer Emilio is the one to call.

  • Best Attorney


  • Excellent Lawyer

    I'm a CDL licence holder that got a cell phone ticket in a construction zone. I consulted with a few lawyers. I chose Emilio because he had great reviews, he's professional, passionate, and explained the likely outcome of my case. He even represented me at court while I was working. He text me within an hour of my court time and said," Case dismissed!" I'm so happy with the outcome! I highly recommend him! His phone # is locked in my phone forever!

  • 3 Traffic Tickets- No Headlights, On Phone, No Insurance.

    To start off, I am from Minnesota. I received all three tickets at once on my first visit to IL, Chicago. In which, I have to appear in court for. If you are reading the reviews, you must be in the same state I was in, panic mode. Who should I choose to represent me? Should I handle these tickets by myself? After interviewing many attorneys, they were all about money and dismissive of what I had to say and concerns about my case. I came very close to giving up, paying all the charges and taking a hit on my driving record. That’s when I found Emilio Moretti. After reading his positive reviews lead me to a consultation. During the consultation he gave me a sense of security, that he will handle everything, to let go of my worries and put truest in his hands. This sense of security, I have never received from any other attorney’s before. In addition, unlike others, he was not concern about how much I was willing to pay, rather he wanted to get these charges taken off my record and to give everything in his power to do so. His straight forward approach combined with his humble attitude and willingness to genuinely look at the case lead me to hire him. In result of his efforts, I got all three charges dismissed. Emilio Moretti.’s previously reviews from his client’s are very true on how amazing he is. He is such a wonderful attorney and person. He definitely is the best attorney for you, in which you will not regret your decision on hiring. I am forever grateful, thank you Emilio Moretti.

  • Greatest Attorney In Chicago Area

    Where can I start,Emilio is one dedicated person and goes above and beyond for the people he serves, he is very understanding and it's hard to come by people who are like him, the results from my case we're great, I was already thinking the worse ,but Emilio took care of it with his magic and carried on a win, for my DUI case

  • 108mph In 55mph Zone, Got Supervision And 80 Community Hrs

    Gave moral support and handled the case very easily. Contacted through mail, phone and then i directly went to court, he took care everything. Thank you Moretti sir.

  • Great Lawyer!

    Mr. Moretti is an excellent lawyer with tons of knowledge on DUI cases. He always got back to me promptly and answered all my questions. His rate is very reasonable given his quality of service and most importantly, the results achieved. Highly recommend Emilio for future work.

  • Excellent

    The best attorney to represent you. I chose him because of the excellent reviews he has and now I'm writing one. No matter how difficult your case is, you won't be disappointed with Emilio. Thank you for everything you did for me, God bless you!

  • Dui

    I was pulled over in suburbs for a dui and improper use of lane. I found Emilio on this exact site and did a consultation with him right away. At the consultation I got a great impression of him and decided to go with him as my attorney. At the day of court Emilio was prepared and fought the case relentlessly. I was found not guilty of the dui and only charged for the improper lane usage. Emilio did his part and put in a tough fight for me. I advise anyone charged with a dui to go with Emilio as their attorney.

  • Great

    Got me off of a conviction. Kept everything to supervision. Price is reasonable.

  • Excellent. You Want Emilio To Defend You.

    I chose Emilio because of so many excellent reviews about him from previous clients. I am now writing one of those reviews because he is the best. He was available to answer all of my questions. Emilio provided me with all of the information I needed to handle my situation. Emilio expressed concern and empathy which meant a lot. Emilio reassured me that he will do his best to help me. Emilio followed through with everything he said! My license is not suspended, I only had to do 10 hours community service, and 1 class. I’m so grateful for Emilio’s hard work and guidance.

  • Dui Case

    I was dealing with a pretty serious DUI case that could have resulted in some real life altering consequences and even potential jail time, I was nervous, ashamed pessimistic and the moment I met Mr. Moretti he put me at ease, he explained the plan of action clearly and delivered on everything he promised. He reduced the sentence to supervision, made sure I didn’t get a conviction. He was very professional and well respected in the courtroom, he has consulted and put at ease a friend of mine on similar circumstances and has proved consistent on delivery with his clients, all this at a very affordable rate, I will be recommending Mr. Moretti moving forward to everyone I know in need of legal help

  • Emilio Morette Review

    I hired Mr. Moretti to represent me in a DUI case. There were a lot of issues to be concerned with and the stakes were high. Mr. Moretti made the entire experience far easier than I ever thought it would have been. I never lost my license and entire incident will not be on my record.

  • Absolutely Recommend!

    Emilio is without a doubt one of the most professional and best lawyers out there! Not only did he take the stress out of the situation, but he also provided me with the best possible outcome for my case. I hired him two days before my court date for an aggravated speeding charge, and now have it off my record thanks to him. Emilio completely exceeded my expecations, and am so thankful he accepted me as a client!

  • Super Lawyer

    This man is the GREATEST when it comes to a lawyer fighting for your rights, dignity, and justice. THIS IS YOUR GUY!!!!!!!!! I went to court today and he not only got me my license back with a not guilty verdict. I have to do nothing but get back on the road. I am a CDL license driver that got pulled over in the worse south suburb outside of Chicago called posen Illinois. The officer accused me instantly of being driving under the influence. Of course I had not had a drink at all but they wanted to find a reason to pull me out of my vehicle and send me through the dog and pony show of not being drunk. Needless to say I refused everything I didn't do the walk, eye exam, or breathalyzer test. Best decision I could have made because even though I wasn't intoxicated why give proof and evidence that may raise doubt. Anyway Mr. Moretti crucified the officer in court caught him up on all type of lies and deceit the judge had no choice but to find me not guilty of all charges. I left the court room with my original CDL drivers license and no fees, community services of any kind, fines nothing but a big smile on my face. Thank God for him putting his angel Emilio Moretti to work for him and delivering me a not guilty verdict. Now I can keep my truck driving job and continue to provide for my family financially. So chose wisely when you need the best results and chose Emilio Moretti as your attorney. Thanks Again Sincerely client ( Marlon)

  • Dui Case

    Emilio did a great job helping with my case. He was very informative and professional and really made me feel a lot better about the entire process. He got me a great outcome, and would definitely recommend to anyone needed help with a case.

  • Great Job! Thank You Emilio

    I am a CDL driver so having a clear record is very important for me. Thanks to Emilio, who was able to fight my speeding ticket. He got it dismissed. Thanks again for a great experience, definitely recommending him and definitely I will be his customer in the future

  • Emilio Moretti Is An Excellent Attorney

    I hired Emilio to help resolve two moving violations I received that were an egregious over reach by the officer. Emilio was very professional and easy to work with and immediately had both violations dismissed. I highly recommend Emilio based on my experience.

  • The Absolute Best

    Mr. Moretti was the second lawyer that I contacted when I found myself needing legal representation. I immediately could tell that he was the one I was going to hire. He was extremely professional during the consultation, to the point, and took the time to answer my questions and concerns without making me feel rushed. I was charged with a DUI, along with four other tickets - and facing a one year suspension on my driver’s license, and of course the hefty fine. Mr. Moretti was able to get the four other tickets dropped, my driver’s license back (immediately!), and a significant reduction in my fees. He did all of this in two court dates! His professionalism is unparalleled. He did an amazing job at being able to assuage my anxiety over this legal matter. That’s critical because you want someone who’s got your back, and he definitely had mine. He’s a great lawyer: on point, polite, respectful, and shows up to court really well dressed. (I know the attire thing might not be make or break for some, but you really don’t want a slob showing up to represent you - and trust me..a lot of the lawyers look sleazy or totally unprofessional..) I would recommend him to ANYONE needing representation - you will not regret it!

  • Peace Of Mind

    After multiple attorney consultations for a sticky speeding situation (On court supervision from a previous ticket and got a ticket going 30+ mph over the posted speed limit) - I got ahold of Emilio's name. Emilio was prompt to return my call and during our consultation, Emilio was the only attorney to not sugar coat the situation and then lay out a step-by-step process of what was going to happen. He was able to set a game plan for my case and was able to successfully get me the outcome I wanted. He was able to reduce a class A misdemeanor to a petty offense with an 8-hour defensive drive course. Emilio, you're the man! You rock.

  • Moretti Representation

    Emilio moretti was amazing. He handled my situation professionally and with the best possible results. I’d recommend him to family. If you need a lawyer Emilio is the one to call.

  • Awesome Attorney

    Emilio explained everything to me and got me a better deal than I could have imagined. Got caught doing 127 in a 65 and Emilio was able to work a deal that got me supervision for a ticket I was looking at a year in jail for. I will use him if I ever have a traffic ticket and recommend him to anyone that needs an attorney for these matters

  • The Best

    The best. I have no other words to describe mr. Emilio . I had 2 aggravated speeding tickets in the same year, now I have a clear record !

  • Problem Solved. Made It Scot Free.

    I wanted someone to just "take care" of the problem since I didn't speak legalese heretofore. So he did. Not only that, but Mr Moretti was NICE too. Now therefore, I recommend this lawyer for all your traffic needs.

  • Successful Outcome

    I had multiple tickets which compounded made for a bad situation and cause for concern. Emilio was able to reschedule my court appointment to accommodate my business travel schedule without me having to step foot in court and then he delivered the desired outcome as promised. Would definitely retain his services again in the future.

  • Traffic Ticket

    I hired Emilio for help with a construction speeding ticket. Couldn't have been happier with the results. He saved me time and money by getting it dismissed. Would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help

  • Amazing Attorney

    Mr. Moretti went above and beyond for me. I contacted him less than 24 hours prior to my court hearing. He not only took my case, he explained everything in great detail, and produced an outcome that was better than I ever could've imagined. I was charged with a class a misdemeanor and got off with a mere 2 month court supervision and fine. I highly recommend him!

  • Moretti Wins Again

    I live in Wi and hired Emilio to help me with a 10yr old dwi case from Il that was preventing me from getting my license. He was amazing. I met him for the first time in person at my court hearing to get rid of a warrant I wasnt even aware of at the time I hired him. I was expecting to make multiple trips to Il in order to reopen the case, go to trial, etc. However, with Emilio's knowledge and expertise, we were able to take care of the whole thing in one day. Emilio faught for me with everything he could. We were successfull at getting a $10k warrant quashed without having to go into police custody, be processed and post bail. We also were able to reopen the case, something unheard of after such a time delay, plea out to a reckless driving charge and have it ammended on my record since the original case had already been closed. Just one week after my court date I was eligible for a drivers license and with no need of sr22 insurance, points against me, or any other "marks" on my license. I highly recommend Emilio as a criminal defense attorney. He was very personable through the whole process and that helped to take away the worry. Emilio kept me in the loop at all times and spoke to me with respect, but also in a way I could understand. He was patient with my questions and always made me feel like I was his only client. His rates are more than reasonable and his work is solid. It was clear to me that he cared about the outcome and my well being.

  • Highly Recommended!

    I had received a ticket for aggravated speeding by Chicago Police, I was very nervous and worried about this ticket because it was a class B misdemeanor, I reached out to Emilio and he calmed me down and reassured me that he was going to handle it in a way that I had nothing to worry about. Emilio kept his word and was there every time I needed him, When I showed up at court he already had am agreement worked out and gave me the good news. I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Moretti, He is kind, patient and treats you more like a friend then a client. I will be reccomending him to anyone in need of an attorney.

  • Great & Very Helpful Lawyer

    I was charged with class B misdemeanor and he dropped my charges to a pretty offence and 6 months of supervision. Emilio was very kind to me through all process and what ever he told me on my 1st meeting with him that I have seen in court room with my case.

  • Great Lawyer

    Great lawyer received a dui and handed it Emilio and he did a great job kept me calm thru the whole process will recommend to everyone

  • Excellent Representation

    I hired Counseler Moretti for traffic Offense and CDL maintenance. He was well informed and prepared for my case. His ability to work with the prosecutor and police was essential to the outcome of my case. He is honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend Emilio Moretti. Thank you again.

  • Highly Recommended

    I would recommend Emilio Moretti to anyone that needs immediate legal help. He replied to my initial message within the hour, and was always highly available throughout the months-long matter that he helped resolve with great success. He advocates for his client to the utmost, and is remarkably accommodating. He was able to help me even months after my case was settled. If more attorneys were like Emilio, the legal profession would have a completely different public perception.

  • Best Choice

    I was charged with a d.u.i and i knew it was a serious offense and one that i did not need on my record. I looked around and spoke with different attorneys but i did not get the same confidence and knowledge that Emilio Moretti offered. He suggested that we take my case to trial and we did I was found not guilty!!! I could not be more satisfied with his service. Thanks!

  • Class B Misdemeanor

    I was charged with aggravated speeding while driving on lake shore drive. After doing some research I found out that it was a criminal offense. Class B misdemeanor. I came across the reviews for Mr. Moretti and gave him a call. He was able to schedule a meeting with me within the same day. After sitting down with him and discussing my case I had to hire him. He explained the charges, layed out a defense plan and explained exactly what was going to happen the day of my court appearance. He was always available to answer any of my questions and helped keep me calm through the entire process. On the day of court I was in and out in a matter of 10 minutes with 4 months of supervision on a petty offense. Mr, Moretti exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the results. Thanks again :)

  • Very Satisfied

    Attorney Emilio Moretti was very knowledgeable and responsive. He was able to have my charge amended down from a Class B Misdemeanor to a petty offense. He made the whole process extremely easy and painless. I was very pleased with the result and would recommend him highly.

  • Excellent Lawyer

    I have charged for misdemeanor class B for speeding And Mr.morettie got me out of it like this! He definitely knows what he is doing.

  • Outstanding Subject Matter Expert!

    I live out of state and needed to hire an attorney in Illinois. I reached out to Mr. Moretti and he immediately called me back. Mr Moretti returned all my calls in a timely fashion and he went the extra mile to assist me and my family. He collaborated very well with the prosecutors and judges and we were extremely pleased with our outcome. I highly recommend Mr Moretti as he is a subject matter expert in his field. It was such a pleasure to work with him.

  • Screw The Rest, He's The Best

    Emilio was fast, responsive and handled me with the type of attention to detail that I was looking for. The results were very satisfying and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

  • Best Lawyer And Highly Recommended

    Best lawyer out there.Had a speeding ticket of driving over 35+ on a CDL license.He managed to dismiss the ticket with nothing on my record.Thank you Emillio for your service.Highly Recommend him.

  • Cdl Case

    My attorney was Emilio Moretti... I hired him after reading many positive reviews... I received a ticket in a commercial vehicle. He responded immediately to me and anytime thereafter. He was always very encouraging, even though I had to wait a month for the court date... Results were better than expected... I would definitely recommend Emilio for any CDL violations.

  • Incredibly Helpful

    He exlained in detail what would be expected to happen in court and what the possible outcomes would be. Inredibly reliable, returned emails and calls quickly and on time as well as answer any questions that I had about what was going on. Would recomend to anyone.

  • Effective, Engaged, And Accessible When You Need Him

    I got a ticket for an aggravated speeding charge in a work zone on the Skyway, three hours from my home. I got behind the eight ball and was reviewing the ticket on a Friday night. Upon realizing I was expected to appear on following Monday morning I knew I needed help. I search on line for Cook County Traffic Attorneys and filtered for Chicago. Reviewed the names and a few web sites, began asking questions with a convenient on line chat service, and picked Mr. Moretti based on his years of experience, numerous awards and commendations for his professional services, his website, and presumed shared Italian heritage, for lack of a better indicator. My instincts and luck proved to be outstanding. The ratings and awards are more than advertising. They are earned by his personalized, professional, and prompt service. I received a call from Mr. Moretti at about 9:15 pm on a Friday night. We worked out a plan to be ready for Monday. He provided me with expert insight and step-by-step instructions of what needed to be done, and what he would do on my behalf, and he managed my appearance on Monday morning. His local familiarity with the court and expertise facilitated a reduced penalty and put my anxiety to rest, while saving me a day of work. Not only did he meet the court obligations to take care of my infraction, but he also had my charge amended down to a petty offense from a misdemeanor charge. This is huge for me as it will not affect my driving record or my insurance rates. His modest fees were worth every penny. I hope to not need his services again, but if the occasion arises for me or any of my friends or family, Mr. Moretti is our advocate. With sincere thanks, Mark

  • Best Lawyer !!!

    If you have a problem this is the man to call !!! I had a traffic warrant and I called him he was able to get my case thrown out. I literally walked into court they said case dismissed and I went home. Best lawyer I have ever seen !

  • Resolving Speeding

    I'm CDL A holder and I got speeding ticket driving my car 33 mph over the limit. I faced license suspension, but thanks to Emilio Moretti I just got non moving violation. I would like to recommend him to everyone with similar problems.

  • Great Experience, Highly Reccomend!

    I hired Mr. Moretti to handle my retail theft case. From the beginning, he was very understanding and told me exactly what to expect. Through the entire process, he kept in contact with me and was very quick to answer any questions that I had. I ended up with community service and court supervision, and will work to get my crime expunged in the future. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for me in he last couple of months.

  • Excellent Lawyer

    Emilio was fast and easy to work with. He did his job and was straight to the point with no extra stuff.

  • Class A Misdimeanor

    Mr. Moretti charged a small & reasonable fee for his services. He was able to get 30 hours of community service in exchange for a dismissal of a first time offense for a shoplifting charge. Very personable & knowledgeable, would highly recommend.

  • Aggravated Speeding Case

    I was charged with aggravated speeding while I was driving on lake shore drive. After researching the charge I found out that it's a criminal offense . Class B misdemeanor. Conviction would be disastrous. I started looking for lawyers, talked to a few and decide to retain Emilio. He explained the charges and layed out a defense plan and what's gonna happen. He also filed a motion to get the court date advanced so I don't have to wait for another month. The matter was resolved within 3 weeks and I was off the hook. No conviction of any sort and clean driving record, only court supervision on a regular speeding ticket. Was very pleased with the results.

  • Great Lawyer Choice

    I was charged with a Class B misdemeanor. It was difficult looking for a lawyer but when I came across the views for Mr. Moretti I had to hire him. He did exactly what his plan was and got it done in a short amount of time. My record will remain clean and my charges were dropped a great deal. Mr. Moretti is great at his job.

  • Life Saver

    I consulted Mr. Morreti for a DUI charge. I faced serious charges, including the suspension of my license for 6 months. Not only did I get to keep my license, he also kept the DUI conviction off my record. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone that is looking for amazing results. He is extremely professional, helpful and reliable. He was always available to answer any of my questions and helped keep me calm through the entire process. Mr. Moretti exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the results.

  • I-88 Aggravated Speeding Ticket - Excellent Representation

    I received a speeding ticket while driving on I-88. I later learned it was classified as a Class B misdemeanor and needed representation. (90-60mph) I was facing up to $1500 in fines and/or 6 months in prison. I was currently on Supervision for a moving violation I had received earlier in the year. I was quite worried about receiving a conviction on my record. My license is very important to me as I need it to get to work and see my family. I haven't received a ticket in over 10 years and received two within a short period of time. I decided to call Emilio Moretti to represent me based on the positive reviews I read. We discussed the charges against me. Emilio put my mind at ease right away and was able to successfully plea down the ticket to a petty offense with no effect on my record, equating to a $350 fine and court supervision. Emilio is a man of his word, very professional and provides results.

  • Dui

    I lived out of the area and had a DUI case from 6 six years ago and he helped me get through it and get my license back...... I couldn't be more happier

  • Excellent Lawyer Who Gets The Job Done!

    I contacted Moretti services when I was pulled over in Hinsdale,IL for speeding. My lawyer was very informative, had excellent communication skills, and went above and beyond to help me out. As soon as I got into court my lawyer met me and told me he had already spoken to the officer and was able to drop the charges from a Class B felony to a petty offense. Nothing was charged to my record and my future was safe in his hands. Thank you once again for your excellent service! To everyone reading my review, HE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Very thorough in explaining to me everything that was going on and what was to be expected!

  • Class A Misdemeanor-driving 77mph In 40mph Zone

    I got pulled over on lake shore drive, I wasn't aware of the speed limit, and the police officer issued me 2 tickets, and then I looked into it online, the charge was Class A Misdemeanor. I was a little freaked out because the penalty could be 1 year in prison and 2500usd fine.Therefore, I wanted the best attorney to defend me, and I chose Emilio. Emilio is very friendly helpful and experienced. He negotiated the charge down to petty offense, just paying 300usd fine and 214usd court fee and 4 months court supervision. That s the best solution that I wanted. Emilio is highly recommended if you need a traffic attorney!

  • Professional, Knowledgeable, And Great To Work With!

    I had a fantastic experience working with Mr. Moretti. I consulted him for a DUI that I received (first one) and he made sure that I understood the severity of the situation and my options. I was very nervous as I had never been in trouble with the law, and he took care of absolutely everything. He was great representation at court and he thoroughly went over the proposal he created for me. I am extremely satisfied with the results and would recommend Emilio Moretti to anyone in a heartbeat.

  • Knows His Stuff

    Emilio and I spoke on the phone where he told me what to expect. He then delivered on the expectation. I was given three tickets at once and he had two of them thrown out and the other pled down to court supervision for 4 months. AND no convictions on my record so even insurance companies can't raise my rates. I was nervous going into the courthouse and they had messed up several things, like the room I was supposed to be in, and even my name on the docket. Emilio was there waiting and sorted everything out. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a traffic related matter. This guy knows his stuff, I think he made one of the prosecutors cry......

  • Amazing Lawyer!

    I got a ticket for aggravated speeding which is a class b misdemeanor and it was my first offense. I believe it was a Saturday late in the evening when I read about Emilio's reviews and sent him an email regarding my case. At that moment I was very distraught and troubled. He called me back within an hour and after speaking to him I was consoled. I met him up and my inner feeling wanted to hire him and his rates are pretty reasonable. The day of the court too the matter was resolved in a matter of minutes (he knows a lot of other lawyers and everyone at the court seemed to know him) & I got my charge reduced to a petty offense with minimal fine and court supervision. From my experience, any traffic cases, Emilio is the man to go to. He made me feel at ease the whole way. Thanks Emilio!

  • Excellent Results

    Mr. Moretti is not only a highly competent attorney but also very considerate and attentive to clients needs during such stressful situations. I was charged with speeding class B misdemeanor for going 75 mph in a 45 mph zone in Warrenville.. I also had a previous ticket issued a few months prior for failure to reduce speed after rear ending another vehicle. The maximum penalty for class B misdemeanor is 180 days in jail and $1500 fine. Mr. Moretti was successful in reducing the charges to a petty offense and only $350 fine. I was highly satisfied with his service and the verdict. I felt very comfortable and confident with hiring him to represent me and the multitude of excellent reviews reaffirm reproducility of his excellent work.

  • A Consummate Professional.

    Emilio was incredibly helpful and always responsive when helping me with my case. He made sure we reached a decision that I was happy with, and fought hard for me with great results. Would reco to anyone.

  • Retail Theft - Dismissed

    I never imagined I would be in a situation where I needed a lawyer, but when I did I did not know the first place to start. I was looking for lawyer online and found Mr Moretti. First of all he responded to my email right away and it was around 11pm. That meant a lot to me cause I was very worried and nervous about my case. From the first time we met to discuss my case, Emilio was very professional and understandable. After we review the case, he reduce the price for his services and I didn't even ask for it. That was pleasant surprise, I didn't even expect such a gesture. He explained the process, gave me piece of mind, and was available any time I needed reassurance or guidance. At first hearing we got a deal with the prosecutor and I was assigned deferred prosecution and 24 hours of community hours. After I did my hours case was found "Not Suit" - dismissed and now I will work on expunging it from my record. With no doubt I can say Emilio will make sure your case has the very best possible outcome. I truly felt like a valued client and not like "just another case." If you are ever in need of legal services, I recommend contacting him first !! Thank you Emilio

  • 30 Over Speeding Limit

    I was caught going 30mph over the speed limit , which is a class b misdemeanor, punishable by up to 6 months in jail and/or up to a $1500 fine. So, I did some research online and came across Emilio Moretti's profile. Great rating and reviews so I didn't hesitate to get into contact with him. We spoke and I explained to him what happen. He told me what he could do for me and got it done! We went to court and he got my charge down to a petty offense and no fine. The only thing I have to pay is court fees . With that being said I would highly recommend Emilio Moretti !

  • Speeding On A 25 Mile Zone

    I received a ticket for driving 75 mph on a 25 mile zone which is a class A misdemeanor. Mr. Moretti was able to reduce it to petty offense and I only had to pay the minimum fine with court supervision. Mr. Moretti is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him.

  • 103 Mph Speeding Ticket Dismissed!

    Best attorney i have ever worked with, very professional and easy to work with. I am a class A CDL Driver and was facing class A misdemeanor for a 103 mph on a 60 mph limit. Mr Moretti did an amazing job on my case and had my ticket DISMISSED! Highly recommended and would work with him anytime! Thank You Mr. Moretti

  • Speeding Over 27 Mph While On Supervision

    I had prior convictions on my driving record and I was currently on supervision for speeding over 27 mph. I got pulled over again for speeding over 27 mph and he kept the conviction off my record and I received supervision again. He was informative and kept me calm through the entire process! He was always a text away! Great lawyer!

  • Professional And All Went As He Predicted

    I hired Mr. Moretti based on reviews, and I was not disappointed. He is utterly professional and reliable. He returned my initial inquiry immediately. He listened and asked a few questions about my case. I had a traffic violation that most likely would have resulted in suspension of my license, which would have been unsustainable as a working mother. Mr. Moretti assured me that he had worked extensively on these types of cases and would do his best to amend the charge, which he did. The whole court appearance was over very quickly, and I was able to get on with my day. I never had been to traffic court before, and I was comforted by Mr Moretti' s professional competence. I would hire him again and recommend him highly.

  • Speeding Ticket

    I am a truck driver. I received a speeding ticket in my personal car. I got a ticket for going 17 mph over the speed limit. I was very nervous, because I didn't want it to go on my record, since I have a CDL. I am very lucky that Mr. Moretti represented me, because he protected my CDL. He was able to get my charge changed to a non-moving violation. Mr. Moretti is an excellent lawyer and I highly recommend him.

  • Mr. Moretti

    Mr. Moretti is a great attorney i hired him to take my case of retail theft. He helped me so i can do community service hours so it will not be on my record. Mr. Moretti is a great attorney i thank him so much for helping my husband and i on out cases. We will be hiring him in the future. Thank you mr. Moretti we appreciate everything.

  • 40mph Over The Limit Reduced To Petty Offense

    I got caught for speeding 95MPH on a 55MPH highway (class A misdemeanor). Mr. Moretti returned my call promptly, answered all of my questions during the consultation, and was easily contacted during all of it. He came in to the court, and after a few minutes told me that my ticket had been reduced to a 21-26MPH speeding ticket - so it would not go on my record nor my insurance, that I would have court supervision for 6 months, and that I would have to complete an online driving course and pay $265 in ticket and court fees. This was amazing - considering I was facing up to $2500 in fines and possibly a criminal record. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Moretti assured me that everything would be okay - he is confident in his work and a very capable lawyer. Would recommend for anyone with a bad speeding ticket!

  • So Glad I Hired Him!

    I received a speeding ticket for going 60 in a 45mph construction zone. I knew the fine would be high and it had a mandatory court date that I couldn't make. Emilio not only was able to represent me so I didn't have to go to court, but he negotiated my offense down to a regular ticket with no fine. So my total cost for hiring him and court fees were less than had I gone it alone and paid the fine! He sent me an update on my case immediately after so I wasn't sitting waiting. All in all, I highly recommend Emilio. He's the best!!!

  • Wonderful Service And Great Lawyer

    Mr. Moretti was a wonderful lawyer who was able to reduce the charges on my 26-34 mph over the posted speed limit (Class B Misdemeanor) speeding ticket down to a petty offense. I panicked when I received the ticket from the officer, but once I found Mr. Moretti, he was able to calm my nerves about the entire situation. I work during the weekdays, so he was flexible enough to meet with me on a weekend and even nearby my home to talk about the case and our plan of action. Following the meeting, I felt like I genuinely had nothing to worry about until the day of court, and even then Mr.Moretti took great care of me. He is experienced, and he knows the exact steps to take to produce great results. On top of all that his rates were extremely competitive, and he was even able to offer a student discount that made him the clear choice. Mr. Moretti streamlined the entire process as well as cared for me as a client, and I would highly recommend him for future cases. Thanks to Mr.Moretti for aiding my entire situation and leaving me with a result that I was highly pleased with!

  • Speeding Ti Ket

    Im a cdl driver and was issued a speeding ticket im immediately search for a good lawyer and came up with mr Emilio moretti , im very satisfied with the service i was in and out of court with no points or conviction on my cdl license he droop my speeding ticket to a crack windshield which it was awsome for me , im relieve and happy to had him as my lawyer .

  • Great

    Emilio has helped me with all my cases and was able to clear things out of my record. Great lawyer and he was able to help me through the whole process.

  • Third Circuit Municipal Court

    Working in the legal field I can tell you that there are different tiers of Attorneys. From my experience with Emilio he is in the upper tier of Traffic & Criminal Attorneys in the Chicagoland area. He was able to make an agreement with the prosecutor to plea down a misdemeanor B speeding ticket to a petty offence and 3 months of supervision. He took what was a complicated problem and made it into a 15 minute process at the Courthouse. I spent more time driving to the Courthouse than I did at the Courthouse. I would recommend him to anyone that is given a Traffic or charged with a Misdemeanor offense because he leverages his relationships with the Prosecutors, Police, and Judges to get you the best possible outcome.

  • Driving Too Fast

    I made a huge mistake I never thought I would get out of. I blew a red light while going 41mph over the speed limit. I immediately got arrested with multiple tickets for reckless driving, aggravated speeding, driving over the speed limit & the red light. I met with other lawyers before I found Emilio and I was unsure. The moment I spoke with him on the phone I knew that I was in good hands. We met and spoke about my case and I could feel that he actually cared. He kept in contact with me every step of the way, asked questions and found out facts I never even thought of. I was just looking for someone to help me get through this in the best possible way. The outcome I never expected. We went to the first court date and Emilio refused to agree with the terms. After that first court date he did everything I could imagine to make sure that everything would turn out how it did. He went out of his way to write up a mitigation letter. When the second court date came I was super scared and was sure that I was going to get accused of the charges. Well I was wrong, Emilio managed to someone get the charges dropped down to a petty speeding ticket, small court fees & a year of court supervision. When he told me this I honestly looked at him like he was lying. I was in awe. He really is the best there is, not only does he actually care about you... But he will do anything it takes to make sure the case goes as he thinks it should be! HIGHLY recommend to ANYONE!!!!!

  • Your Search Ends Here.

    I got a bogus ticket for speeding from a cop that didn't like the look of my car. Mr. Moretti came highly recommended from a family member of mine. After speaking with him over the phone, I knew I was in good hands. Patient. Fair price. Undiscriminating and entirely non-judgemental. Excellent results. AND I HIRED HIM 15 HOURS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED COURT DATE! And he still managed to take care of everything. I was in and out in five minutes tops. Now is that magic or what? Never before have I been so thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and sheer competence of an attorney. A+ excellent work would recommend 100%.

  • Commercial Driver Speeding Ticket

    Mr. Moretti represented me in a speeding ticket case. I called him and he responded immediately. Very easy to work with. During the consultation he explained all my options and advised what he would try to accomplish. He was able to get my ticket dismissed which of course was the best outcome. As a commercial driver I would highly recommend Mr. Moretti.

  • If You Want An Attorney That Gets Results!!!!

    I was ticketed for Following To Closely in an 18-wheel after being cutoff by a van on the interstate in Chicago by a state trooper. I called a few attorneys and after talking to Emillio Moretti on the phone I hired him. He was able to go a represent me in court, without me present. I didn't have to miss any work. Now the really good news! He was able to get the ticket dismissed. I would definently recommend them.

  • Highly Recommended

    I recently received an aggravated speeding ticket and for the first time needed an attorney. After extensive searching, I called Mr. Moretti and to my surprise he answered the call directly in the evening. Mr. Moretti spoke with me at length, explained the process, and reassured me that previously clean driving record could be restored. As promised, in court, Mr. Moretti successfully got my ticket pled down with limited supervision and a minimal fine. I could not be more impressed by Mr. Moretti's professionalism and responsiveness, I would highly recommend him.

  • Traffic Case

    Emilio Moretti did an AWESOME job handling my traffic case. He got my moving violation ticket thrown out of Maywood Circuit Court. I received two prior tickets for speeding and this one was my third ticket and I was on the verge of getting my license suspended any day now. I was very stressed out. I got on the phone with him for a consultation and he scheduled me a court date that same day. I didn't appear in court and he got the ticket thrown out! I would recommend him to any of my friends and family. His fee schedule is reasonable and competitive to the other attorneys that I called. He's very patient and communicates well. Another, plus is he return phone calls and emails promptly which attorneys never do! I AM 100% SATISFIED WITH MY DECISION IN RETAINING HIM! :)

  • Highly Recommended A+ Attorney

    My wife found Mr. Moretti for me, she called his office and left a message with one of his secretaries. Mr. Moretti called back within 5 minutes. I’m a CDL driver and received a moving violation on supervision. As a sole provider for my family I was afraid of the consequences. Mr. Moretti was very straight forward and explained how this can be taken care of. He changed my traffic ticket to a non-moving violation. I contacted him through email sometimes and he was always prompt to reply. Highly recommend Mr. Moretti for a traffic attorney.

  • Great Lawyer

    We hired Mr. Moretti because my friend received 2 traffic tickets during a trip to Chicago. Mr. Moretti responded quickly to my emails and calls. On the day of court he got both tickets dismissed. He told me from the beginning he would take care of everything and he did. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you

  • Best Man To Represent In Traffic Court!

    I received a ticket for speeding in a school zone, as well as one for no proof of insurance. I consulted with several other attorneys, but Mr. Moretti stood far and above the others. He listened to me, he was honest with me, and he made me feel so much better about my situation. He was the clear choice to hire as representation. When I went to court, my ticket was amended to just speeding and the proof of insurance was thrown out. I was fined and sent on my way with court supervision. The whole process took 10 minutes. I cannot thank Mr. Moretti enough for how well he handled the situation, and for keeping this incident off my driving record. If you are looking for an experienced traffic attorney who can get the job done, stop looking, he is your man.

  • Great Lawyer Great Result

    I hired Mr. Moretti after receiving a speeding ticket for going between 26-34 MPH over the limit. We had a best case scenario that we discussed and he was able to get me the best case scenario. I am very happy I spent the money and hired him. He made me feel comfortable the entire time and his confidence made me confident that he could do everything we had been hoping for.

  • Aggrevated Speeding

    Mr. Moretti was found by me, a 20 year old, when I made a very irresponsible mistake of driving recklessly at 75 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. I was in a rush to get home and take an online test that was due that night. I was going in and out of traffic just for a stupid online test and did not realize, at the time, that not only was I putting my life in danger, but I was also putting innocent lives in danger. I'm a good kid. Never did anything bad or even hurt others. Always put others before me and that's what Mr. Moretti saw. That night, while going 30 over the speed limit, I was arrested. My car was towed away. I felt as if my life was over. I was terrified. The next day, I started to research about my crime and saw that I was charged with a Class B misdemeanor. A guy who has never convicted, or even thought about hurting others was now a felon....a criminal to the government. I realized that I should be put into jail for aggregated speeding. After doing research on lawyers, I came across Mr. Moretti. I sent an e-mail right away regarding my situation. He replied instantly. He showed that he cared about the well being of his clients. The next day, I gave him a call and after hiring him, he told me "Everything is going to be okay. Leave it all to me. You go and focus on your studies." After that I felt as if all the burden was taken off my heart. He made me feel comfortable and took the horror of going to jail away. On the court date, Mr. Moretti explained the situation and with the consultation of him, i was given 40 hours of community service. I was really shocked. After the community service, the case would be dismissed. I was really impressed. I had brought my check book for fines, with the little money I had from working part time and attending college. Mr. Moretti was an absolute hero. I truly, from the bottom of my heart can not thank him enough. I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable about the law and he essentially saved a 20 year old who had a class B misdemeanor on his hand's from going to jail and becoming a criminal. He has become a role model to me and every time I hop into a car and start driving, I will never forget his "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity." He made me realized that the importance of the well-being of society is much more important than yourself. Mr. Moretti is the BEST OF THE BEST, and that was an understatement. If you guys need any help, please don't feel scared. Contact him and he will help you out. He will help you breath easier by letting you know everything is going to be okay, and that's the best part. He's the lawyer you want on your worst day of driving.

  • What A Life Saver!

    I had a case for aggravated speeding (my first REAL traffic offense requiring a lawyer) and Mr. Moretti was great! He was helpful from beginning to end. He thoroughly informed me on the basis of my charge and helped me understand all of my potential outcomes. He kept in constant contact with me and my mom making us both feel comfortable with our decision to pick him as my lawyer. And, on the actual court date, he showed up on time ready to help me and took as much time as needed to make sure my situation was rectified. I ended up paying only $100 for my ticket (amongst misc. court fees) and getting my license back the same day as opposed to paying a $1,500 ticket and spending up to a year in jail. He was definitely an awesome choice and I cannot thank him enough for all of his help. Recommending him to anyone that faces any traffic charges that requires a lawyer in the future. HE KNOWS HIS STUFF! Thanks again Mr. Moretti!

  • Class B Misdeamenor For Speeding

    I've got a class B missdeamenor ticket and Mr Moretti represented me in court. He came in early, talked to prosecutor and explained everything in detail. Mr Moretti got my ticket reduced to a pitty offense, I paid a regular ticket and got my license back. I highly recommend Mr. Moretti

  • Emilio Moretti/the Right One!!!

    I had to go to court for speeding over the limit(96 in a 55). Misdemeanor charge, which could have resulted in jail time/$2.5k fine. Being at work a lot, my wife takes care of the business, so this is what she did: I started online searching for a lawyer. I called a few, but there was no connection felt, until... I came across Emilio M. I read about him/his client reviews and was amazed! Nervous, I called and instantly spoke to him. Within our conversation, I knew he was the one for us. My husband's charge was reduced to a petty offense,$250 fine, and probation. Emilio M. is highly efficient,effective, confident, compassionate, and very talented. Thanks Emilio, from( the both of us).

  • Cdl Drivers This Is The Man For You!!!

    I received a speeding ticket for doing 55 mph in a 35 mph zone in my personal car. I called him a week before my court date. Emilio called me 3 hours before my court date and told me he had gotten my case dismissed and that I didn't need to show up to court. No points or court fees. He's a great lawyer. Very professional and well worth the money.

  • Wow

    If you have a CDL this is the guy you want to hire! I was issued a ticket for speeding 72 in a 45 and was worried I would lose my CDL. Mr. Emilio was able to get my ticket down to a non-moving violation and I was able to keep my CDL with no points! If you have a CDL this is the guy to hire he knows what is at steak!! Thank you Mr. Emilio your great lawyer!!!!

  • Recommendation 5 Stars +

    Mr Moretti, has proven to be the best of the best. He is understanding and personal . He is most versed in Law and the court system. Professional in every way. I would recommend Mr Moretti to any CDL driver that has to keep points off his licence if ticketed in Cook County. I could not have asked for a better out come in my case. Thank you Mr Moretti.

  • Traffic Ticket

    I received a speeding ticket which required me to go to the court with an attorney. I called Moretti's law office on a saturday morning and he called me back within 15 minutes. He patiently explained to me everything on the phone regarding the laws of speeding ticket in Illinois. No other lawyer spent this much time with me on the phone and they all just wanted to meet up in person. After explaining everything on the phone, I met Mr. Moretti in person. He again went over my case and answered all my questions. He also always made himself available to answer my questions and concerns on the phone and in person before the court date. He represented me in the court of law for the traffic ticket. Got it completely resolved. Because of him, my driving record is completely clean and he also reduced the traffic fine significantly. Overal, a very kind, composed and strong attorny. Highly recommended.

  • Great Lawyer, Excellent Communication!

    I received a hefty speeding ticket classified as a class B misdemeanor. I was facing up to $1500 in fines and/or 6 months in prison. Given that I had never had any violations on my record and the price of insurance for someone my age, I was quite worried about the potential charges against me and decided to look for an attorney. I contacted Emilio to represent me and within a matter of minutes he responded to my email. I hired him the next day and he was on the case. A few weeks later on my court date he got the charges bumped down to a petty offense with no effect on my record, equating to a $250 fine and court supervision. I'm definitely glad I contacted Emilio.

  • Speeding In Construction Zone

    After being told by the judge I should hire an attorney I was a little scared and had no idea where to find one. I decided to ask a gentleman standing outside the courtroom. He happened to be Emilio Moretti. He explained my situation in easy to understand terms, told me what to expect and how things would unfold. Most importantly, he eased my mind and told me not to worry about a thing. Everything worked out exactly how he said. He was professional, knowledgeable and he got the job done. I'm very pleased with the outcome and would recommend his services to anyone I know.

  • 35+ Speeding

    I was caught speeding 35 over the speed limit (97mph on 60mph zone - I-88). I did some research online and found out that I could've potentially gone to jail for 364 days and have a $2500 fine (Class A Misdeamenor - Aggravated Speeding). I knew I had to hire an attorney and when I did some searches on some lawyers, I came across Emilio Moretti. I gave him a call and had an appointment with him the very next day (He was available to meet with me that very same day but I was not - FYI). I met with him and he made me feel that everything was going to be okay and that he was pretty much going to take care of it all. He made me feel like I could stop worrying which was great because the thought of me going to jail was tearing me apart! Today I weny to court at 1pm and before the judge called me up, Emilio had already told me what my outcome would be (Bring it down to a petty offense without it being on my record, $250 fine and 3 months probation). The judge called me up and gave me a $250 fine and 6 months probation and I have to go back in 6 months to prove that I did not get any speeding tickets during that time. So overall a good outcome, I would say. Anything beats going to jail for a year! I would highly recommend Emilio Moretti! He made such a rough process run very smooth and worry-free.

  • Excellent

    Emilio Moretti is a great lawyer. Everything I asked of him he did anything in his power to make it happen. My main goal was to keep my dui off my record. At the last court date we went through everything I needed to get done and he made sure I understood and was happy with it. I was even told to call him with any questions I have. I recommend Emilio Moretti to anybody in my situation.

  • Emilio Is There In Your Time Of Need

    Emilio's communication in excellent. He does his best to answer his phone and email immediately. I originally was looking for an attorney for an aggravated speeding charge. I was on his website, I think it was almost 11 p.m. I put in my information and Emilio himself was answering my emails with in minutes. A lot of places use an answering service and its not quite clear who your talking too, this was not the case. It was late I was nervous about the ticket I had received, and he was there to console me. A+ for service! Also, he was able to successfully have my charges reduced to a petty offense, so he must be good at what he does too!

  • Great Lawyer!!!! Highly Recommended!!!

    This man is a life saver!! I am a cdl driver on the verge of getting my license suspended for moving violations. I called this man and he was very helpful and honest on what he thought about it and what he could do, and true to his word he was able to get one thrown out and the other knocked down to a non moving violation. He pretty much saved my life, I would of lost my job without his help! And to top it off, his prices were not steep at all, very affordable and well worth every penny!! Thanks again I would recommend and vouch for this man anyday!

  • Excellent Choice

    I first met with Emilio to see what I was up against. I had my second speeding ticket that was considered a class A misdemeanor. He layed out what could happen and what he would do to better that. In court, he managed to get that reduced and I got a chance to do traffic school and pay a fee to not have this stuck on my record. Even the judge told me I made a wise choice in hiring Emilio to represent me. I highly recommend him to anyone who is confused about traffic court. Thanks again Emilio!

  • Aggravated Speeding- Class B Misdemeanor

    I had received a Class B Misdemeanor for speeding on I-94. I was going 80 in 55 zone. I only drive around Wisconsin and did not know the speed limit was very low. I was unsure of what to do and I contacted Mr.Moretti. He is very professional and explained what I should do. I am currently applying to Med School and did not want a "crime" on my record. I told Mr.Moretti about my community service and that I had previous speeding tickets in 2012. After the court hearing the charges where dropped to a petty offense and I did not need to pay for the fine. My insurance did not go up as well. I highly recommend him to anyone who has an aggravated speeding charge. He made sure I understood everything and was very respectful and patient. I am still surprised I left with a petty offense and no fines. I would like to thank you Mr.Moretti for everything you have done. There is a reason why he is a 10/10 on Avvo.

  • Reckless Driving & Speeding 55mph Over The Limit.

    Great lawyer that you are trying to find for traffic tickets. Went to trial and both first class misdemeanors have been dropped. I got court supervision for one year, need to go to driver improvement school and paid $320 because judge have seen video with me flying on I-355 (Dupage). If u need to keep your record cleans go with Mr. Moretti. He will fight for you.

  • Traffic Ticket

    This lawyer was very proffetional and gave me a veterans discount with was very appriciated. He took care of my minor traffic offence and I didn't even have to go to his office for anything. I am very glad I found him and will defiantly use him again.

  • Construction Zone Speeding Citation

    I was pulled over doing 80 on a 45mph construction zone site which would automatically be qualified for a Class A misdemeanor violation. I hired Mr. Moretti and with his expertise he was able to have me acquitted from the hefty fines and criminal conviction on my record which would have resulted in a heavy increase in my insurance premiums. 50 hours of community service was what the charge was brought down to and I owe it to Mr. Moretti. Highly recommended!

  • Great Attorney

    Mr Emilio got my Cdl moving violation turned into a windshield violation with only a $50 court find. Emilio was professioal and honest and also did what he said that he was going to do. I truly recommend him 5 stars!!

  • Absolutely Terrific Results.

    I got a speeding ticket for 20 mph over the limit in my car. As a CDL driver I need to keep my record clean. I emailed Emilio and he got back to me very quickly. Once I hired him we were able to take care of everything by text or email. He was able to to get my ticket adjusted down to a non moving violation, keeping it off my record. If I ever get another ticket I will definitely be calling Emilio again.

  • Class A Speeding

    I received a ticket for excessive speeding 35 MPH and over, which is a Class A misdemeanor -- a criminal offense according to Illinois law. Mr. Moretti negotiated with the state's attorney and brought it down to a Class B with six months court supervision. If I complete it, it will stay off my criminal record. I had minor non-speeding traffic citations in the past, so the state was unwilling to bring it down to a petty offense, which is what Mr. Moretti always aims for. I also paid $409 in court fines and did not have to attend traffic school. I came across Mr. Moretti through the reviews on this website. He is an experienced attorney when it comes to speeding tickets, as most of his clients here can affirm.

  • Bloomingdale Township

    One of our firms officers consulted with Mr. Moretti in regards to a traffic incident in the Bloomingdale township. The expectation was that our officers leave the case without any strict punishments. Mr. Moretti returned in kind, working with the prosecutors was able to come out of the case with a lenient and well worth finding. He should be counted on to come through with outstanding results.

  • Excellent Communication, Gets Things Done

    Mr. Moretti has demonstrated his dedication and persistence with me as a client. He prepared for my excessive speeding ticket and I was able to get results I was hoping for. In addition he carried it out with a smile and friendly demeanor. All As for Mr. Moretti.

  • Great Attorney

    Was a great attorney, and helped alot with my case i would recommend him to anyone.

  • Highly Recommended

    Emilio Moretti represented me in aggravated speeding case and was able to reduce the charge to petty offense, fine and court supervision. Mr. Moretti is very professional and knowledgeable and at the same time patient, approachable and very easy to get hold of. I can highly recommend his service based on my experience.

  • Smooth As Silk

    I found Mr. Moretti online and chose him because of all the amazing reviews on this page. Just like the reviews said, he is fantastic. He worked through my problem with me flawlessly and assured me it would go smoothly. He walked me through the process before court and had me assured that it would go great. I highly recommend this lawyer because his prices and process are very good

  • Speeding Ticket

    Had great results with Emilio. 35mph over and he got it reduced to a petty offense, with supervision. I couldn't have been happier. There is a reason he's rated a 10 on Avvo, he took the time to answer all my questions and assured me it was gonna be ok. If you want to feel at ease go ahead and get the best, I'm glad I did. . Thanx Emillio

  • Highly Focused, Thorough, Client-centered Attorney

    One evening, I was caught speeding; allegedly well over the speed limit. I had never received such a citation, so understandably I was very concerned. My driving privileges and thousands of dollars were potentially at stake. Immediately, I did a search on the Internet for a well-regarded, knowledgeable attorney that specialized in speeding and traffic infractions. After a few phone screen misses, I came across Emilio Moretti’s information and looking back, it was the lucky break I needed. I called his office and received a call back immediately…from Mr. Moretti himself, not an assistant or someone else in the office. We spoke briefly; I gave him the facts of the citation and he went right to work on my behalf. Long story short: I received a result better than I could have imagined. Although the case dragged on for a while and I will ultimately have to pay a fine, my result was still a win for me: the fine was significantly less than I would have secured on my own; my driving record stays clean and the cost of his representation was extremely reasonable. I could go on and on but it suffices to say that I am beyond satisfied and will absolutely recommend Mr. Moretti to anyone I know that can benefit from his services.

  • Excellent Lawyer

    Contacted Mr. Moretti a week before my trial and he was able to help out in a very professional manner. If you're looking for someone personable and who's willing to explain the ins and outs of the case to you, Mr. Moretti is the attorney for you.

  • He Really Came Through For Me

    I'm a truckdriver that had a minor accident. He was able to have it thrown out without any additional fines. I'm very grateful

  • Thank You Emilio For Saving My Cdl And My Job

    Emilio is a really good and andurstsnding attorney. Last month in willobrook I turn in to a wrong lane with a Sami truck and got stuck in the middle of median the cop showed up and issued me 2 tickets that we're moving violation. One ticket was for improper lain usage and one for damaging the median. When I contact him and explains my situation he took my case and explaind everything nice to me and toled me not to worry that he will help me out and I will not have to worry about anything. Today in court he was abale to get me out from there in a matter of 5 min with one ticket dropped and another one lowered to a non moving violation which was improper parking. I am thankful for hiring him and I suggest that evreyone else ask Emilio for help caz he is a awesome lawyer.

  • Great Lawyer

    From first meeting Emilio was polite and professional. He explained the seriousness of my ticket, but at the same time he put me at ease. I left that meeting knowing I had hired the right guy for the job. When it came time for my court date he did what he said he was going to do and I left satisfied with the result. The entire process was very painless. I would strongly recommend Emilio Moretti to anyone dealing with traffic issues.

  • Professional And Knowledgeable

    I was arrested for DUI offence a few months back and i was looking for an attorney when i came across Mr. moretti. i must say i made an excellent decision by hiring him. Not only did he got me the minimum penalty but he also prevented me from getting any conviction. The good thing about him is that he has deep knowledge about law and he prepares you in advance about what is judge going to ask. Also he gives the best professional advice as to how to proceed in future dates. i would surely recommend him to other people. thanks

  • Very Pleased

    I had received a traffic ticket for passing a boarding/unboarding school bus. the first offense is a fine and 3 months suspension. When I met Mr. Moretti for the consultation he was very confident that he could amend my ticket or completely dismissing it. The paperwork was straightforward and no hidden fees. Any questions or concerns I had he answered right away. After all was said and done my ticket was amended to disobeying a stop sign which was just a small fine. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend his service.

  • Excellent

    First time ever being in court, and i was nervous of the misdemeanor i got. He did a great job! He estimated what i was looking at, what i will be charged for, and what he could do about it. I contacted him last minute and everything was settled in four days. I'm sure it was a lot of work where i don't see it but he made it look like nothing. Thank you emilio!

  • My Name Is Erick

    Hi my name is Erick and I wanted to let everyone know that Emilio has been taking care of all my cases for the past 3 years . Ever since I meet Emilio I had a feeling he was a good lawyer. I've had the chance to look for another lawyer but Emilio would never be replaced.. I been close to go to jail 3 times for license suspended, speeding, and other traffic tickets I had a bad record thanks to Emilio after 10 years been suspended now he has helped me to clean my background and now I feel more safe to drive because I finally have my drivers license and its Emilios experience who has helped me my friends and family members.. I fo wanna say that one of my relatives was close to go to jail for two years for drugs but again if it wasn't because of Emilio he would of been in jail at this moment. All I wanna say to all those people who need a lawyer and still looking for the right one let me give you tell you that you would be in good hands if you hired Emilio. I wish I could say a lot more good things about him but I don't want to bored you .. The choice is yours .. Thank you Emilio for everyone you have done for me you have become a really good friend for me and my wife.. Thanks to you I live a happy life next to my wife and kids..

  • Excellent Attorney!

    I hired Emilio to represent me for an excessive speeding ticket, and I couldn't be happier that I did. He was great to work with. He explained everything step by step and made the whole situation much less stressful for me, even when my case was delayed a week because the state wasn't prepared. He didn't charge extra for having to go back to court again a week later. He got my sentence and fine reduced and made the whole process much easier for me.

  • Top Knotch Attorney!!

    I couldn't have asked for a better representation! He delivered the best outcome for my case. I was charged with aggravated speeding and no proof of insurance. Moretti had gotten the insurance case dismissed and the aggravated misdemeanor charge to a petty speeding ticket then diminished that to just a small court fee and 8hrs community service! Awesome communication, affordable flat fee! Money well spent! Im happy with the outcome and will strongly recommend him to others! Lastly he got me in and out of the court room very quickly!!!!

  • Outstanding

    Working with Emilio on my case was a pleasure from beginning to end. I had all questions answered immediately and will full transparency. Emilio is extremely knowledgable and far better than any other Attourney I have worked with in the past. I would highly recommend him to anyone, as he was able to achieve a highly desirable outcome in my case.

  • Efficient, Effective And Professional

    I hired Emilio to help me with two tickets that I got for speeding in a construction zone. I was very concerned about what this would do to my record and my car insurance (I was going 39 over the speed limit) but Emilio was confident that he could reduce the charges from a class A misdemeanor to a petty offense, which is exactly what he did. By the time I got to the courtroom, he had already started the process and I only had to wait a few minutes before it was all over. I highly recommend Emilio. His rates are reasonable, he's very knowledgeable and he will thoroughly explain the entire process so you know what to expect. Emilio was successful and I am pleased to say that I have no points on my license.

  • Fantastic Attorney

    Emilio was very enthusiastic about helping me in my case. I knew I wanted to hire him immediately after my initial consultation with him. I felt at ease in court knowing I had Emilio by my side. Thank you so much for all your help, Emilio. I really appreciate it.

  • Great Job

    I had a really tough case and Emilio knew how to handle it from the beginning. I liked the way he guided me and explained me everything step by step, I have worked with a lot of lawyers, and some of them don't have the patience to do that.. Very professional and friendly. I'm very happy with Emilio's job. Highly recommend it for any DUI/trafict related case.

  • Look No Further! This Guy Is Great!

    I honestly thought I was doomed from the start untill I called Emilio's office. I was able to speak directly with him and he was kind and helpful from day one. Emilio had great advice and was well known and respected in the court room, which probably helped me even more! He was able to get my charges all dropped with only a few hours of community service completed first. Which is way better than I could have imagined for my situation. On top of that he was beyond resonable on the cost for his services and asked for no special hidden charges. He was so nice, and made sure i understood everything that was going on. I can not thank him enough. He even helped my friend get out of all traffic charges! I will definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone!!!

  • Great Attorney

    Emilio is a very professional and fast attorney! I had a pleasure to work with him on my case! Highly recommended and will hire again!!!

  • Speed Ticket Felony Reduced To Petty Offence

    I completely forgot about a excessive speeding ticket I received and decided to take a look at the ticket to see when my court date was. I was hocked to find out it was today - so started calling attorneys. Emilio answered and he made it clear to me that I could get arrested and sent to jail for not showing up. He asked me to get to the court house immediately and took care of the issue at hand. I got a reduced sentence of petty speeding with 80 hours of community service. I got to keep a arrest conviction off the record and keep my driving privileges. He was great - clearly knows what he is doing.

  • Very Reliable , Proffessional And Highly Recomended

    I am a cdl holder and I hired Mr Emilo for my unable to yield ticket. The way he handled my case was awesome and my case got dismissed. I highly recomend him specially for cdl holders. He is awesome to work.

  • Great

    Explained the logistics of my case very thoroughly with me and made sure I knew what was going to happen and when. I was able to feel comfortable and confident with this lawyer and would recommend him to anyone.

  • Very Professional, And Easy To Talk To

    Getting to know Emilio has been a great experience. He is very easy to talk to and very straight forward with his answers. It was great to have Emilio represent me in court and even better when you find out your traffic violation has been dismissed. It was the first time I worked with him and will definitely continue to seek his advise and services if needed in the future. Highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Amazing Lawyer

    Had a serious case and was facing jail time. Emilio brought down the charge and I'm able to keep my license. Nothing went on my record. Thank you

  • Good Lawyer

    Good lawyer, honest and easy to work with, he helped me with my speeding ticket case and got me the result I was looking for. I do recommend him for sure.

  • Speeding Ticket

    My name is Angel.. Emilio is the best he reduced my charges... Nothing is on my record... Very honest guy... Very expirence he knows what he's doing... I really recommend him to anybody reading this...

  • Excellent With Speeding Ticket Defense!!!!

    After doing lots of research I was lucky enough to come across Mr. Emilio Moretti as an attorney with specialized skills in this area. This proved to be the best decision for my situation. As a result of his representation I was able to get a class A felony speeding violation reduced to a petty offense. I was looking at a potential $2000 fine as well as potential jail time. He was extremely quick to respond to my email inquiry in the beginning and was very clear and detailed in my options. He actually arrived at the courthouse prior to me and explained exactly what conversation he would have with the states attorney. During each interaction he treated me with the upmost dignity and respect, which is something I had not experienced with attorneys in the past. His professionalism was undeniable and I would highly recommend him as an attorney. I will certainly use them again if I ever need it.

  • Traffic Court Representation

    Mr. Moretti was exceptionally professional and helpful in representing my 18yr old son in a traffic ticket violation. His services simplified the process and made our lives much less stressful in resolving this legal issue.

  • I'm Very Glad With The Outcome. He Is A Great Lawyer.

    I was pulled over for speeding on I294. I wasn't aware about the new laws on speeding in Illinois. The ticket issued from the state police was a Class A misdemeanor. Emilio was ablle to talk to the state attorney, and he was able to lower it down as a Petty offense. I am very glad that occurred, as currently I am a student studying in the healthcare field. The class A misdemeanor would had tarnished my aspirations and reputation. I highly recommend Emilo for speeding tickets offenses.

  • Outstanding!

    I've had quite a few attorney's in my time...all for family law issues/matters. Out of ALL the attorney's that have represented me, that I've consulted with and whatnot, Emilio is BY FAR the most genuine and sincere. This dude went out of his way for me for months. He was understanding, thoughtful, and fair. He took all of my concerns and made them his own. He was available when needed and it was MUCH needed at times and you don't find that with attorney's. Even though, we didn't get the best outcome in my situation, I honestly don't have any regret in hiring Emilio, nor do I think he could have done much more to represent me. He's SUPER genuine guy with your best interest in mind. He was extremely thorough and realistic with all the on goings and never gave me false hope in any part of the process. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Emilio to anyone and everyone. If you choose to go with someone else, things may be fine, but Emilio became a friend and most important of all, I trusted him, which something I've never had with ANY attorney in the past...and that's what you should hire...that type of relationship with the legal advice as the bonus! Thanks good sir!

  • Courteous And Professional

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Moretti today. He took the time to outline a possible course of action for a traffic matter and gave me some background on what to expect. I will definitely refer traffic matters to him in the future.

  • Highly Recommended Attorney!!

    I had to deal with a Class B misdemeanor. I had no background knowledge on how to deal with this situation, Emilio walked me through my situation and thoroughly answered all of my questions. Extremely humble guy, compassionate, and very professional. Court date rolled around and couldnt feel more confident with him representing me. He helped dropped all my charges and kept my record clean! Couldn't have asked for a better attorney. Will definitely hear from me again if I have any trouble with the law. You cannot go wrong with Emilio!

  • Awesome. Simple. Affordable.

    Very professional, friendly, really makes an effort to get to know you and your case. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome, I will definitely be hiring him again should I need legal representation in the future.

  • Highly Recommended!

    Mr. Emilio Moretti was professional and honest. From the online chat person to the receptionist to being transferred directly to the attorney for all my questions, great experience. He did EVERY thing he said he would do with only a ONE day notice! His service was EXCELLENT! He is very affordable and was able to get our fines REDUCED to almost nothing compared to what the officer tried to cite us. No dings on our driving record or insurance! Mr. Moretti is definitely highly recommended by us. Having a great attorney is like having auto insurance! It's good to have the best. We are blessed to have stumbled across his office. Alexis M. Indiana

  • Great Attorney, Would Highly Recommend!

    Overall, my experience with Emilio Moretti was great. He talked with me on the phone to go over my case (speeding in a construction zone) as if I were his only client. He thoroughly explained all of my options and suggested what my best course of action was. His results, on my behalf, were all charges dismissed! My citation details were: I was driving on the Chicago Skyway. Chicago PD pulled me over and recorded that I was driving 65MPH in a 45MPH Construction Zone. As aforementioned, Emilio was able to go to court in my place and his results were all fines and charges were DISMISSED.

  • Highly Recommended Attorney

    Just got out of court and it went great for me. I was facing a speeding ticket for doing 90 in a 55,improper lane usage and following too closely. Mr Moretti reassured me to stay claim he knew exactly what to do. Because of him I didn't have to do any jail time and I paid a lower fine then expected with 4 months of supervision. no criminal charges and no charges on my driving record I am Very pleased with his work and the outcome I highly recommend Mr Moretti to anyone and everyone having traffic violations.

  • Efficient, Professional And Absolutely Reliable!! Priced Competitively As Wrll

    I retained mr. Maready to help me with a speeding ticket/and a Driving without proof of insurance ticket. I received his tickets as I was leaving Chicago and moving to another state. Hence I could not make it back to court for the ticket issued. Mr. Mareddy was the most reasonably priced out of all six attorneys I called, he was hands down the most pleasant to work with. She treated me with respect, and handled my case in the most efficient way imaginable. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Great Experience, Highly Recommended, Pleasure To Work With

    My fiance got a speeding ticket at a construction zone for the first time. We were not sure whether we should just go to the court hearing or hire a representative instead. By luck I managed to find Emilio through here and gave him a call. I would have to say that I was nervous since this was the very first time for me hiring a lawyer. However, Emilio's attitude and professionalism quickly changed that for me. He answered every question that we had and put our mind to ease. The most important of all was that he kept great communication and we were always updated with the case. Today we received a call that the case was dismissed thanks to Emilio's advice. All in all we were very happy with this experience and we will hire Mr. Moretti in the future if the need comes up. I'll be recommending him to all my family and friends as well.

  • Professional And Personable

    Emilio answered all my question in our first meeting? We talked about the possible out comes and when my court day rolled around he did what he said it was going to do. Things worked out better than expected. I got myself into a bad situation and he walked me through the process. I appreciate his services and would highly recommend him.

  • Very Happy With Results

    Im really happy that emilio help me solved my domestic violence case , my case was dissmed thankfully to mr. Moretti who help me all the way i really recommend hes services !

  • Cant Go Wrong With Emilio

    Its my first offense and i had no background knowledge on how to deal with this situation , Emilio walked me through it and we had a great game plan , hes straight forward , answered all of my doubts. Extremely humble guy will work with you for sure. Court date rolled around and couldnt feel more confident with him representing me. Will definitely hear from me again if im in a sticky situation. Cant go wrong with Emilio.

  • Great Service

    I hired him because of the traffic ticket I got on my CDL. It took us two trials, but was worth it. He managed to dismiss my ticket. I would definetly hire him again.

  • Teenage Speeding Ticket

    Had the misfortune of going to court with my daughter when she was caught speeding recently. Based on the excellent reviews here we hired Emilio to help guide us through the process as it was all new to us. Emilio was great in getting back to us quickly and thoroughly explained the possible scenarios and likely outcomes of each. On the day of the court appearance he showed up at the appointed time and immediately outlined his strategy and got our agreement to it. He then was able to deliver on the plan to ask for community service (once it was clear that the officer would be present and the charge would stand). At every step of the process Emilio was patient with the multiple questions we had and clear in his responses without being patronising. The end result of community service was, in my opinion the best outcome as it will not appear on my daughter's record (nor more importantly impact our insurance!) but she does still have some "punishment" that will hopefully help her learn from the experience. I would thoroughly recommend anyone in a similar situation to make the relatively small investment in hiring Emilio as the help and guidance, and end result (which we presumably could not have achieved alone) were completely worth it.

  • The Best Attorney!!

    I was facing some serious charges, but Mr. Moretti came through... Awesome job!! I am very happy with the results, and extremely greatful... You are now in my contacts...

  • Highly Recommend

    I hired Mr. Moretti to assist with 2 tickets that I had gotten and I had to appear in court. He was very professional and very straight forward with the whole ordeal and he ended up getting both tickets dismissed. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a traffic court lawyer.

  • Wonderful Experience

    I received a speeding ticket in a construction zone and contacted Mr. Moretti to represent me in court. Not only was his response to my initial request near immediate, but his help, assistance, and professionalism was truly impeccable. Court is a very intimidating and unnerving experience to many, and Mr. Moretti made this experience calming, understandable, and much less of a stress in my life. I would undoubtedly recommend him.

  • Amazing Lawyer

    Amazing lawyer. Did exactly what he promised he will during our first discussion. Most importantly he knows what he is doing. Before hiring him for a speeding ticket i spoke with 3 lawyers. Out of the three he was the only one who knew the subject, how to approach it and was confident he could deliver a good result. The other ones just tried to sell me amazing stories. He will reply to your phonecalls and answer all your questions and go over your case with you. Very friendly and polite. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a great lawyer!

  • Getting The Job Done Right

    Out of all the positive outcomes Mr. Moretti promised and achieved, one will always stand out and that is that he really does have the patience of a saint. This simple, yet often forgotten, virtue is of such importance that from the very first meeting either makes or breaks an attorney-client relationship. Whether the case involves, in your mind, a petty offense, an awful criminal wrongdoing, or is just about money — the bond between an attorney and their client is an essential piece of the puzzle that may mean the difference between what you want or hope to achieve and what may become your worst nightmare. Hyperbole aside — that is what I believe sets Mr. Moretti apart from the many I had consulted with both before and after our consultation. From the idiocy we encountered, on an issue that truly should not have been so difficult to comprehend, we just could not dial Mr. Moretti’s phone number fast enough and meet to get the ball rolling because our choice was clear as day. Out of all of these apparent “professionals”, Mr. Moretti was the only one to actually listen to what we had to say, without paying attention to the fact that our frustration most likely overwhelmed the scene, and then took the time to discuss and plan our strategy moving forward. What’s more, Mr. Moretti was fully cooperative from the start and his presentation of his client in Court was one of the utmost respect and impartiality to both sides. Qualities that have long been lost on many practicing within the field. Finally, another attribute worth mentioning and being the difference between a "good" lawyer and a "great" one is that: when all is said and done, Mr. Moretti is the type of advocate that will remind you to stay humble. Why is that important? Because winning or losing in Court is significant enough to change a person’s perspective, and in doing so, both sides tend to forget about the fairness that is supposed to be achieved in the first place.

  • Impeccable Service, Highly Recommended!!

    Recently, my girlfriend and I were seeking advice with a legal matter. Mr. Moretti was very professional in helping us with our issue. He was very insightful and a true pleasure to work with. We're very thankful for his representation, and thankful for the time he took to help us resolve the matter. Mr. Moretti is highly recommended.

  • Hands Down Best Attorney To Have On Your Side!!

    I was facing some very serious charges which would have stalled my life for at least 15yrs, Emilio provided amazing support during this difficult time. Following a shaky start with another attorney, we reached out to Mr. Moretti and his determination to turn this case around and gain the knowledge and insight into an area where he had a limited perspective was most gratifying. Mr. Moretti literally saved my life and I will forever be in his debt, was very direct in his approach, conveying what I should expect, odds that were in our favor and what could go against us. He did everything humanly possible to give me back my freedom. The outcome of the case was all that we could have hoped for and has allowed me to move forward. My Family and I will always be grateful for the critical role he played in giving us back our lives. Thank you is not enough.

  • Cdl

    Mr. Moretti is knowledgeable and professional lawyer. He helped me to protect my CDL license and to keep a clean record. I would recommend him to everyone.

  • Highly Recomeended Lawyer

    Very professional and honest lawyer , Mr. Emilio was able to resolve my problem in the court in 10 minutes to my favor, highly recommended to anyone .Thank you Sir for your help and professionalism. S.Mazurkiewicz

  • Garcia Family Truck Lines

    i recommend Emilio moretti as honest very hard working lawyer my experience was exelent my ticket was speeding only one simple call and then they let me know that ever thin going the right way I don't have to go to court and the ticket was dismissed so I'm very happy with this case so That's my experience with them Emilio thanks for the great work

  • Outstanding!

    I found mr Moretti while searching for attorneys online. And man, am I glad I did. He was awesome to work with. He spent his time answering every question I had a bout my case, answered my phone calls, and gave me and my brother a great deal for his services. I'll be using him in the future and would absolutely recomend him in the future. If you want someone who will go to bat for you and work to get you the best possible outcome for your situation, get Emilio.

  • Amazing Attorney!

    Mr. Moretti represented me on a CDL traffic matter and did a great job for me. Since my license is extremely important for my livelihood I needed an attorney who could protect my CDL. He got me the result I wanted and presented himself in a very professional manner. I felt very confident and reassured because of his representation. I would DEFINITELY recommend this attorney to anyone!

  • Excellent Attorney

    Emilio Moretti represented me in a traffic matter recently. My business requires me to travel regularly by car and I really could not afford to have any traffic violations on my record. It’s also very difficult for me to take time away from running my business but Mr. Moretti was able to get my case dismissed on the first court date. I left with no violations on my record and a fast resolution so that I could get back to work. I would recommend Mr. Moretti to anyone.

  • Review

    What can i say, nothing but great things about my lawyer Mr. Moretti, he assured me from the 1st day we spoke he would help me fight my case, trusted and believed my side and the evidence as i gave it to him, and most importantly was helpful and helped me feel confident about winning my case. He is an amazing Lawyer and i would recomend him to anyone i know! i know for sure if i need a lawyer again i will look no further than Emilio Moretti Thank you

  • Terrific Representation

    Superb attorney with excellent client relationship skills. Always got back to me promptly, answered my questions substantively, and on point. Emilio clearly knows his way around the state and federal courtrooms which is a sign of his experience. Also very knowledgeable on key, nuanced substantive issues in the law, such as Illinois DUI and traffic violations, which he utilized to my advantage. Finally, his rates were very reasonable given his the quality of his service and most importantly, the results achieved. Highly recommend Emilio for future work.

  • Great Attorney!

    Emilio is very honest and knows the subject area very well. I refer cases to him all the time and he keeps the client and me informed on the progress of the case. I would recommend him anytime.

  • Professional, Harding Working, Kind And Compassionate

    My daughter received a direct mail post card form Mr. Moretti's office once she got in trouble with the law. We thought she didn't need a lawyer at first but then later realized we needed one. His post card stood out from rest!! We picked his service hands down because on card his whole message stated clearly he would fight for your best interest and he really cares about you as a human being and for your over all wellbeing. I called for a consultation on my daughters behalf and his office receptionist was wonderful with me on the phone and proactive with all of our follow up needs. The level of professionaism, compassion and kindness gave me and my family confidence in him and his abilities to deliver the very best outcome for my daughter given her circumstance. And we are very very pleased with the outcome!! My daughter and I are very grateful for his help!! I highly recommend Emilio Moretti!!!

  • My Review On Lawyer Emilio Moretti

    I want to thank Emilio Moretti for doing a great job today for representing me In court. He was PROFESSIONAL AND VERY KNOWLEDGE. He dismissed my case on the spot. I was amazed what he did with my case. But I truly recommend him for anything his a wonderful lawyer to deal with. His the type of lawyer that has your back on anything. Thank you again Emilo Moretti.

  • Excellent Lawyer For Speeding Ticket

    Used Emilio for my traffic case which was considered a class A misdemeanor offense. Didn't realize how serious my case was until I found that the state changed the law on speeding for wreckless driving. I was referred to Emilio thru a mutual friend of mine. At court, Emilio consistently tried to lower my violation so that this will not go on my record. However, the secretary of state was hesitant in lowering my violation further than a class B misdemeanor due to a prior speeding violation within a year. I had to go to court 3 times where I had to pay him the same amount for each continuation but the money spent for the continuation was well worth it. In the end, Emilio got me a supervision which is what we wanted so that this ticket will not go in my record. I highly recommend Emilio for any speeding or traffic violation/tickets if you need a lawyer for your case.

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