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    If you need an attorney, you call Emilio Moretti.

    Beginning with background on the situation, I would like to verily and heartily compound why Emilio Moretti is absolutely the best attorney that I have been privileged to speak to and have represent a family member. In January said family member had went to a department store to purchase some groceries. Upon shopping for whatever reason, as I will not speculate, she had changed a price tag on a grocery item and upon exiting the store she was detained by Loss Prevention. She was able to make a phone call to myself from where she was being detained and I rushed into the store to ascertain the facts of the situation. As the Loss Prevention were not giving me a straight story and were acting belligerent, I waited for police to arrive as I knew the eventual outcome. A Police Officer came in and explained handily what would happen and even suggested that needing an attorney would be unlikely as my family member was a first time offender. Reassured, I picked said family member up from a local district police station after she was transferred. Brought her home the same night and immediately browsed around for an attorney to represent her for Misdemeanor Retail Theft. After reviewing a selection of lawyers on AVVO, I decided to give Emilio Moretti a call. He was immediately responsive. I provided the facts of the situation as well as asked questions about the essentials; what would happen, costs, likely outcome and the like. My family member and I both were astonished and pleasantly surprised by his demeanor, professional attitude and reassurance. Once spoken to, one can enumerate a sense of comfort and reassurance resonating from Emilio Moretti. A wave of confidence, sternly but soft spoken and a sense of duty and acknowledgement was omnipresent. Both family member and myself were immediately pleased and were able to sleep soundly the same night. We were even astonished at the cost being so low, we thought we'd lose at least a couple thousands of dollars, and it would absolutely be worth it for this quality of representation. Emilio Moretti told us the procedure, and the outcome with such confidence that even without a precedent reputation we would have instantly hired him. The process was seamless, we scanned and took pictures of documents provided by Chicago Police, he reviewed them and told my family member and myself what to expect. He even provided sound advice on ignoring a legal threat letter from the department store's representation that bordered on extortion, and wasn't at all bothered by constant contact regarding questions with the entire situation, he was very patient. Proceeding to the assigned date to appear, my family member was overwhelmed with anxiety and despite all attempts at calming reassurance, it wasn't until Emilio Moretti, being extremely punctual, had walked in that she felt secure. We were waiting in the reception of the courtroom longer than we were in court. As Mr. Moretti walked in, he knew absolutely everybody there and even garnered a smile from all parties. Even as department store representatives appeared he reassured both of us and we were in court for approximately 20 minutes. I will repeat that; 20 Minutes! Amazing. We left with even a smile and nod from the judge and a requirement to attend two 1-hour behavioral health assessments. It was absolutely outstanding, and begs the rhetorical question; "How is this man so good at what he does?" and sometimes, some questions are best left unanswered when all that matters is the results, and you absolutely will be provided with favorable results from Emilio Moretti. We are so pleased with the result of this debacle and exuberant about how painless it was. This man easily earned permanent residency of his contact information in our phones. If you need an attorney, you call Emilio Moretti. It's that simple. Thank you again Mr Moretti.

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